Talavante says goodbye: a rarity, a fat goring or an expulsion? | Blog The bull, by the horns

Talavante says goodbye: a rarity, a fat goring or an expulsion? | Blog The bull, by the horns

Hopefully the culprit of the surprising withdrawal "indefinitely" by Alejandro Talavante is not the famous Matilla. It would be a further confirmation that bullfighting is in his hands and he has enough power to put and remove pawns to his liking.

Or if.

Who knows if it would be better that it were so, because it would be known with certainty who the enemy is and where the evil is.

But it will never be known. The reasons why Talavante has decided to deviate from the ring already belong to the sancta sanctorum of the mysteries of a party presided over by the most absolute secrecy from its earliest childhood.

Talavante is a big bullfighter, different and deeply irregular

Nothing is ever known; neither the budget of a fair, nor the price of a bullfight, nor the cache of a bullfighter, nor why, for example, the departure of the General Budgets of the State dedicated to the party is only 30,000 euros, when the show generates many millions and an outstanding social and cultural activity. You never know anything.

Transparency is not the condition that defines bullfighting. If, in addition, the matter of Talavante enters the land of the private, honey on flakes.

That is why, in the absence of certain news, only speculation remains.

Will Matilla have been able to fill Talavante to the point of hanging the suit of lights, tired of a relentless pursuit? Or has it been a personal decision of the bullfighter, troubled by the obscurities of the soul of the one who plays his life and does not just see the light of triumph? Go to know.

Talavante, at the Colombinas de Huelva in 2017.
Talavante, at the Colombinas de Huelva in 2017. Efe

And the hobby seems divided in terms of the consequences of this withdrawal. The lit social gathering is celebrated on social networks.

An amateur thinks that the Talavante march is a fat cornada for the fans, and another is surprised by the commotion ("it seems that God is leaving when there are a bunch of interesting bullfighters in active service"). "But that they throw it away is unforgivable," replies another. "We have to stop Matilla", "I am stunned and confused by his departure", "is the only figure that really interested", "when do they announce their retirement Matilla, Simón Casas, Chopera or Ramón Valencia?", "Morante , Perera and Manzanares are worn; The Juli, amortized, and Talavante, retired. Either young people will drive or the ticket office will have a bad time. " And the last one to get an apostille: "If Talavante cuts four ears at the Autumn Fair, he does not retire."

The discussion continues and more diverse opinions emerge and for all tastes, evident proof that the bullfighter interests.

He will be missed, but no more. (And come back soon)

Undoubtedly, Alejandro Talavante is a great bullfighter, innovative and inspired, with a prodigious left hand, which has enthralled and shocked the fans.

Until now he has been a different bullfighter, always awaited with expectation, but deeply irregular. He arrived with the air of a breaker, but he has not broken anything. He has not managed to become the leader of a generation, although he has tried, without success so far. He has locked himself twice with six bulls in Las Ventas (in 2009, with bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo, and in 2013 with six copies of Victorino Martín) and he doubled the hype of the recent Autumn Fair, but his brave ones Bets did not know the intended success.

It has been, nevertheless, the winner of San Isidro this year, a cycle in which he left for the fifth time on his shoulders through the large door of the square. And it has many inspirational tasks behind it, many natives that belong to the galaxy of the supernatural and many flashes of sublime aesthetics.

On the other hand, Talavante is a bullfighter who has swum in the open sea, but he has also known how to keep his clothes. It has gone from independent the just time it took to understand that sheltered among the great (the so-called 'system') was less cold and moved more comfortably. Until the anger came with Matilla (the anger is a guess because you already know that in the world of the bull you never know anything, and who knows something does not say it or publishes it out of fear or friendship), and found himself the drift and pushed into the sea by strong treacherous currents.

But, in addition, Talavante is a strange character. He defined himself in an interview a couple of years ago. And he admitted being scared, of disordered habits, yoga practitioner, admirer of José Tomás, reader of Proust ... Do you recognize an unbalanced ?, asks the journalist, and he replies: "More or less, yes".

Little loquacious with journalists (his press chief always responds the same chant: "Alejandro does not plan to talk now"), reflective, enigmatic, gone, with that lost look you do not know where, sometimes offers a blank image and black, dull and ghostly, like from another world.

But the question is still there: has the farewell of Talavante been the product of a character's rarity or a kick-out? Is your march a fat goring for the party or an incentive for the emerging calls?

'Anyone knows' is the answer to the first question. At worst, nor himself.

And on the second: Talavante will be missed, but no more. (And come back soon). It is a pity that other colleagues insist on continuing when time has not say anything, and a stimulus for many others who still have bullfighting life ahead.

By the way, what will Matilla, whom everyone dresses in clean at the bar and exerts a power of abduction on most bullfighters? Morante - what an unusual and contradictory artist - has been the last to protect herself under her skirts.

Conclusion: between those who leave and should stay, those who stay and are already amortized and who is accommodated even more, today's bullfighting is in the good hands of Diego Urdiales, Emilio de Justo, Pepe Moral, Pablo Aguado, Octavio Chacón, Fortes, Álvaro Lorenzo, Ginés Marín, Román, Escribano, Javier Cortés and others who now do not come to mind. And a great, great, Paco Ureña, to whom all await with open arms and in whom all hope is deposited.

In short, what one said: "Man, God has not gone ...". Well, that.


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