Taking steps to move forward in Dependency


The reinforcement of staff that has just joined will mean a significant boost and also an improvement in the workloads that were being faced. We will continue to reinforce the staff in the coming weeks

It would not be honest of me to try to sugarcoat a bitter reality. The situation of Dependency care in the Canary Islands has been frankly improvable for many years, to put it in the least hurtful words that come to mind, but I want to be optimistic and be able to transfer that energy to the General Directorate that I lead with so much pride.

In this mandate, the Government is making every effort to get the Unit out of the quagmire in which it has been involved. The most urgent effort that had to be undertaken was the increase in personnel in a General Directorate that was anemic in human resources. When I took office, I found a group of dedicated and professional workers, but also exhausted after years of struggling with a huge job that required many more hands than were available. The reinforcement of staff that has just joined will mean a significant boost and also an improvement in the workloads that were being faced. We will continue reinforcing the staff in the coming weeks with different instruments and promoting measures that improve the employment situation of the existing one.

In my first weeks, I considered that it was essential to listen to them, and I held several meetings with the work teams, both with the appraisers, who are in charge of applying the unit's appraisal scale, and with the social workers, who are responsible for preparing the report. and the necessary consultation procedure for the elaboration of the proposals of the Individual Care Programs (PIA). With their background and knowledge, and analyzing the data, we have given the instruction to prioritize economic benefits, both for care in the family environment and those linked to the service, that is, both for those dependents who are cared for at home by relatives, as for those who are in different services, the latter very important for the generation of employment they entail.

The current situation of the Unit does not have to be chronic

This instruction is allowing us to speed up the processing and, what is truly important, to ensure that the aid reaches those who need it. In addition, considering that with the provision for care in the family environment, we favor that caregivers can contribute. All this, without losing sight of the need to increase the economic amounts allocated to this provision and its compatibility with the provision of services, which is the ideal scenario to which we aspire.

The Law for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependent Persons was born with a distinctively service-providing spirit. Thus, the law indicates the provision of services as the way forward, but what services can you provide if there are no infrastructures? The lack of socio-sanitary infrastructures in the Islands is obvious. We must unite our forces so that among all the Public Administrations involved, we manage to draw and execute an infrastructure map according to real needs and focused on caring for people.

For this reason, from the General Directorate, while we give priority to economic benefits so that the aid reaches those who have to reach it, we continue to coordinate and work with the Island Councils in the future planning of these infrastructures. There are people in a Dependency situation for whom care in the family environment, no matter how careful and affectionate it may be, is not enough for them, due to the condition of their own pathologies. They require continuous and professional attention, and it is imperative to put an end to the lack of places that we have suffered for too long.

The current situation of the Unit does not have to be chronic, and only with a short and medium-term mentality can we reach the day when we say that all dependent people in the Canary Islands have the care they need and deserve. I am fortunate to lead a human team that is 100% involved and motivated in achieving this goal, and the Islands are finally fortunate to have a Government that thinks about the well-being of dependent people. We'll work our asses off to get it.

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