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Take red lights!

¡Toma luces rojas!

Number two of JxCat was born on a Monday, October 5, 1970, day without diaries. It was her first exceptionality: she is the first to accept that she lives from politics and not from university teaching - she is a philologist - because of the situation in Catalonia, without which she would not explain her vertiginous trajectory: director of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes ( 2013-2018), deputy (2018-) and Consellera de Cultura (May 2018 to March 2019).

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Borràs admits that, look, it has been animated: punishment light to Sánchez, Arrimadas, Álvarez de Toledo and Batet

The candidate Laura Borràs he got discouraged at the time of putting the traffic lights, and in the main room of the office - the Gaziel room - there was a ball of bastons, tow and air of mischief, typical of adults whose childhood was summer and happy. Of course it was at five in the afternoon, shortly before the Notre Dame fire.

Until it was time to decide the traffic lights, daily section on page 2 of The vanguardBorras had behaved like a director, with her bias but aware of the purple.

The JxCat candidate premiered this series of "fictional" covers, a journalistic mischief like any other to know which foot the candidates fit: the guest or the guest listen to the news of the day highlighted by the newspaper's address, see the current photographs selected by Pedro Madueño and make the cover.

-Can we put a red light on Pedro Sánchez?

-Clear. You're the boss. (Jordi Juan, vice director of the newspaper).

-I would put it for missing a debate on TVE and prefer one on Antena 3 with the extreme right. He is tremendously eloquent about his priorities ...

And then, a preventive green light for the bookstore Cucut de Torroella - "the town of Dolors Bassa" -, very foresighted: they celebrate this Thursday, like every Holy Thursday, a "literary berenar" that heats the Sant Jordi, "a Sant Jordi alternativa "-say on his web page- with a number of authors -more consecrated than alternative- of Catalan literature in Catalan.

More traffic lights are needed.

And that's where the soul of every candidate appears, that Bilardo - the legendary Argentine soccer coach - that everyone has inside. Oblivious to gender quotas, Borràs becomes a machine to distribute milk and red lights:

-Red for Arrimadas and for Cayetana, for missing the debate (which was held yesterday on the Catalan channel of TVE).

- Rufián has also been missing ... (someone points out for the sake of rigor)

In the confusion, the ERC candidate is pardoned.

The red light, says Borràs, falls to the socialist Batet. Never in the history of the traffic lights on page 2 - created under the direction of Joan Tapia - there were so many red lights. And of such proximity. Sucks the bottle, Carrasco.

Made the observation, the naughty candidate does not take a step back. She has liked herself as a director and it seems safe.

-And that I am a positive person. But look, I've cheered up.

That's what it is about. The direction consoles him: Mariano Rajoy, confronted with this exercise of making a cover, back in March 2008, titled full-page:

"Mariano Rajoy in Catalonia".

And the photo? His, of course.

Laura Borràs had opted for a proximity cover. As soon as he saw a photograph of a protest in London in favor of climate change, he has tied up the ends and resolved the headline and cover photo in a
second. The Constitutional Court has annulled the tax approved by the Generalitat on nuclear power plants, for which, the tip must be returned 17.3 million euros collected between 2017 and 2018.

Eureka: interference from Madrid, defense of the planet in London -passed around- and attack to Catalonia. Cover opening awarded.

Then, the news emerges and the director gives orders: sends the fire of Paris.

The good intentions, nevertheless, do not lack: a memory for Neus Català, that today will be buried, a warm up engines for the Sant Jordi and that Barça that does not lack.

-Can we say "triplet"?

The journalists present take it as a boutade de Borràs and respond "noooo", either by journalistic principles, or by superstition (it is usual to write on the cover a result that is not desired late game nights to help that it does not occur. : "The Barça is eliminated 1-2 and says goodbye to the triplet"). Then it changes ...

Borràs is also in favor of including a marker with the days imprisoned by the independentist politicians tried in the Supreme Court. It is Holy Week and, to which we neglect, the reader worries about the rain.

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