Taiwan registers the first Tesla accident on autopilot in Asia

Taiwan registers the first Tesla accident on autopilot in Asia

Taiwan reported today the first car accident of a Tesla car on autopilot across the Asian continent, in which the vehicle crashed into two police cars parked on a highway.

The local newspaper Taiwan News detailed that the accident occurred at 22.00 local time (14.00 GMT) on Tuesday on Taiwan No. 3 Highway, where the police had moved to manage another previous incident.

The Tesla vehicle on automatic pilot, model S, was stamped with patrol cars in an area where twelve triangular warning signs had been placed and there were two policemen with flashlights to control traffic.

The two policemen near the warning signs jumped out and were thus saved from being run over, while the driver of the Tesla, who had put the vehicle on automatic pilot due to fatigue, was injured with only a few scratches.

The driver of the Tesla, surnamed Lin, told the police that he was exhausted after 17 hours working and that, for that reason, he decided to activate the autopilot of the car, and that he later fell asleep and only woke up as a result of the collision.

The American brand of electric vehicles has a significant volume of sales in the region and, in fact, the manufacturer announced last week that it is accelerating the construction of its "mega factory" in the Chinese city of Shanghai and will begin the partial production of vehicles during the second half of next year, much earlier than scheduled.

The US has already registered accidents involving Tesla vehicles on autopilot, such as the one that happened on March 23 in California, in which the driver, Wei Huang, died after colliding and catching fire on a highway, US media reported.

However, Tesla said on November 16 this year that its automobiles with autopilot had recorded an accident rate much lower than the US average in the second quarter of 2018, but gave no data on fatal accidents.


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