August 5, 2021

Tacoronte and Sez take Gran Canaria – The Province

Tacoronte and Sez take Gran Canaria - The Province

Jesús Tacoronte and Mariola Sáez have subscribed to the podium in the modality of land. They added a meritorious victory in XVI Rally of Tierra de Gran Canaria. The pilot from Tenerife and the co-pilot from Gran Canaria, at the controls of an EVO-IX, accumulated a total time of 44: 41.9, exceeding in 13.7 seconds over Armide Martín-Pedro Domínguez (EVO-IX). The third place corresponded to Juan Carlos Quintana-Rogelio Peñate (EVO-X), at 24.4. In the category of quads, the triumph fell to Juan Alfonso Vera (Yamaha Banshee), to overcome in 1: 08.7 to José Yánez (Yamaha Raptor).

The domination of Tacoronte and Sáez began to take shape after the fourth special stage, when they took the lead from Quintana and Peñate, of which they were scarcely five tenths apart. The Tenerife strengthened in the first place, while his biggest rival Juan Carlos Quintana punctured a tire and gave a valuable 17 seconds that relegated him to fourth place.

In front of the pilot of the EVO-X was placed in the second position Armide Martín and Pedro Domínguez to 6.5 of the leader and surpassing in four seconds to Gustavo Sosa-Eduardo Domínguez, with Ford Fiesta R5.

Tacoronte attacked and marked two scratchs Consecutive This allowed him to extend his advantage up to 17.9 seconds over Gustavo Sosa, who overtook Armide Martín when he got his engine stuck in a semi-frame and could not start quickly, leaving about 15 seconds.

Quintana started a brilliant comeback. On the other hand, Nolito García-Tecorice Hernández (EVO-IX) were affected by several incidents in his mount, a circumstance that would be worsened at the end of the competition by penalizing one minute and thirty seconds. A whole ordeal for the Majorero pilot.

The hardness of the sections passed bill to many teams. Gustavo Sosa had problems with the direction and lost the pace with the head trio, the same as Raúl Quesada-Roberto García (Citroën AX 4×4). Meanwhile, Rafael Perez-Alejandro Mollo (EVO-IX) broke the differential of his car and Pedro David Martin-Luis Alberto Estévez (Citroën AX 4×4) continued dragging problems with a shock absorber after the blow on Friday night at the Canary Islands Circuit .

Aníbal Hernández-Jordi Díaz (EVO-VI) took it with ease to reengancharse by the breakage of shield, having to leave definitively in the penultimate section by the breakage of the gearbox.

Tacoronte did not lower his guard and firmly maintained a high rhythm. The Tenerife managed to manage his advantage to stand on the podium located in Arnao, in the town of Telde, as the winner of a test with many complaints about the status of the sections.

The final winner signed five scratchs -better times-. The rest were divided between Juan Carlos Quintana and Armide Martín, with two each, and another was for Gustavo Sosa.

Tacoronte and Sáez exceeded in 13,7 seconds Armide Martín-Domínguez and 24,4 over Quintana-Peñate, who completed the podium. These last two settled positions in the last section where they arrived separated by 4.1 seconds, finally winning the battle the first of them, which achieved a difference of 10.7 seconds over their direct opponent.

Nolito García and Hernández could not hide their satisfaction for reaching a superb fourth place after overcoming so many problems -3: 47-. Gustavo Sosa-Domínguez took fifth place at 3.53.1. The sixth place, at 4: 11.0, fell to the brothers Álamo, Fran and Aridane (EVO-IX).

One of the most exciting fights was between two of the contenders for victory in front-wheel drive vehicles. Sene Cazorla-Erik Guerra (Peugeot 208 R2) and Kevin Guerra-Daniel Sosa (Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI N3). They reached the last stage separated by three tenths in favor of the Gran Canaria driver. Guerra had led the category, but the breakage of a shield made him lose several positions and a vital time.

He top ten They were completed by Rafael Pérez-Alejandro Mollo (EVO-IX), ninth at 4: 38.9, and Chedey Cabrera-Sergio Vera (EVO-IX), tenths at 6: 14.3.

The quads section was awarded to Juan Alfonso Vera. He excelled in 1: 34.9 to José Francisco Déniz, third José Yánez to 1: 51.8. In fourth place finished Nauzet López at 3: 33.1, with Rubén Alemán third at 3: 39.8.


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