Tables personalized with the symbol of Tara, awards of Charter 100 – The Province

Tables personalized with the symbol of Tara, awards of Charter 100 - The Province

This is the third edition of the awards Charter 100 Gran Canaria, an association of professional and enterprising women whose goal is the equality of women. The awards are based on custom frames with the symbol of Tare of the artist Vesna, the only one dedicated to pop art in the Canary Islands. In these awards there are two pillars: First, the recognition of those companies, groups and women and men who have worked for the equality of women and, secondly, an entrance fee for a Canary who does not have means to study in Europe. "This year, at the awards ceremony on Thursday 29, our scholarship from the past year came to provide the explanation of what has managed to investigate with the money and, in addition, there will be some new winners," says Nardy Barrios, president of the group.
In this edition there are six winners: Canary Press for the eWomen project; Men for Equality; Damián Perea, promoter of the Animayo festival; the Kellys; Gloria Poyatos, president of the judges of Spain and Mercedes Ortega, actress and presenter.
The prizes are based on personalized pictures with the symbol of Tare. According to Barrios, "we have chosen Tara as a well-known female element at all levels". For Vesna, Iberian Press is recognized for being in many parts of Spain. "When I visualize the winners, I visualize their trajectory, inside Tara I have painted a kind of map with paths that would form all the work Iberian Press is doing in different parts of the country, that is why it is interlaced like this, with a lot of color" . Each painting has many color layers. "I make my own mixes to get the colors I want, sometimes I put up to eight layers, I have added some glitter to the Iberian Press, and then a layer of special varnish so that it lasts over time and does not yellow. Many months, for me Tara is already an icon of Charter 100 and I draw it for anyone who achieves merit for the association. "
According to Barrios, the winners will carry some suitcase bags made by a Guinean designer to carry the paintings.
The last scholarship holder, Carolina Santana, will present at the awards her experience of this last year in a German institute. According to the president of Charter 100, "El Hierro was getting lost in the Atlantic, it has achieved an element that allows it not to dissolve, in this way, the marine flora and fauna will be able to have enough iron to populate and improve the ocean".


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