July 25, 2021

Table olive exports to the United States drop 70% due to tariffs

Table olive exports to the United States drop 70% due to tariffs


Spanish exports of black olive to the USA they fell almost 70% in August, the first month in which all the tariffs applied to the product were applied (of 35% in total). Specifically, sales went from 3,200,000 kilos in August 2017 to 1,020,000 kilos this year, according to data from the US Department of Customs.

In a statement, the Spanish Association of Exporters and Industrialists of Table Olives (Asemesa), has highlighted that this decrease in sales has caused Spanish exports of black olives have gone from representing 50% of US imports to only 22% and to assume 30% of consumption to only 10%.

"As we had predicted, our exports have been dramatically reduced already in the first month of final tariffs, we have lost the majority of the market and we will have to continue seeing what happens in the coming months, "explained Antonio de Mora, Secretary General of Asemesa.

"We are confident that the EU Commission will take the case to the WTO in the coming weeks and will study really important measures to help companies to compensate for the loss of the market far beyond the promotional measures announced by the EU. Recently. The export industry can not pay for the broken plates of the aid of the PAC that the farmers receive and that, according to the USA, they do not conform to the rules of the WTO ", added De Mora.

Asemesa presented to end of september before the American Justice, its appeal and considers it essential that the European Commission take the case to the WTO as soon as possible. Not to do so would be to accept the arguments of the US against the aid of the CAP, which would put all sectors at risk of new investigations such as the one suffered by the black olive.


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