T-shirts to change the world

T-shirts to change the world

Eduardo Herrera, among t-shirts from the exhibition. / P. Urresti

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Bizkaia Aretoa hosts, at the Science Week, an exhibition of garments to raise awareness of the objectives of sustainable development

"The t-shirt is a support for vindication, especially among young people, and graphic design has to be socially involved," says Eduardo Herrera, professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts. This double idea is the starting point for 'T-shirts that teach', an exhibition that seeks to raise awareness of the UN's sustainable development goals and which was inaugurated today in Bizkaia Aretoa. "There was no better place to present Science Week than this exhibition", said the rector of the University of the Basque Country, Eva Ferreira, among the t-shirts.

Zientzia Astea is celebrated until Sunday in the three Basque capitals and in Barakaldo. In Bilbao, fifteen stands have been set up in Bizkaia Aretoa where you can explore everything from the world of robots to that of superbugs, and there are workshops to learn science through games and experiments. A similar offer has, in Vitoria and San Sebastián, the Bibat Museum and Tabakalera. The Clara Campoamor Civic Center in Barakaldo hosts conferences and other activities. And educational itineraries have been programmed in the four cities.

the wonders of nature

«We want to show the wonders of nature, link science more clearly with everyday life and make people understand that the world we live in is full of fascinating beings, things and events, and that there is only one way to delve into all these wonders, through knowledge, study, research”, claims the rector. All activities are free and you just have to sign up at www.zientzia-astea.eus for workshops, excursions and guided tours.

Stand dedicated to superbacteria in Bizkaia Areto. /

P. Urresti

The great novelty of this Science Week, the exhibition 'Shirts that teach', is the result of an educational innovation project developed by Herrera and his colleague Leire Fernández with their Graphic Design students. It is made up of 108 t-shirts designed by Fine Arts students "from an activist attitude". They denounce the high mortality of children under 5 years of age in some parts of the world, female genital mutilation, slavery in African diamond mines, the need for access to education to get out of poverty, global warming...

"Training implies going beyond the simple collection of knowledge," says Herrera, for whom "the image can in many cases go beyond the limits of the word when it comes to provoking feelings, emotions." This is what the garments in the exhibition are looking for, which at the moment cannot be bought anywhere, a possibility that several people were interested in yesterday. "The images on these t-shirts are intended to be triggers to raise awareness of problems arising from the sustainable development goals," acknowledges the UPV/EHU professor.

"The Basque public university intends with Zientzia Astea to consolidate the scientific knowledge acquired in Secondary and Baccalaureate, and stimulate STEAM vocations among Basque youth," says Nerea Jauregizar, director of Social Dissemination of Research and organizer of Science Week. "Our research staff uses scientific dissemination so that our youngest citizens acquire critical knowledge and the appropriate tools to strengthen them against the growing threat of hoaxes and pseudosciences," underlines Guillermo Quindós, Vice-Rector for Scientific-Social Development and Transfer.