October 19, 2020

Syriza, Insoum France, Die Linke and the Greens of the European Parliament express their support for Pablo Iglesias for the judge’s attempt to impute him to the Supreme Court

This Wednesday Judge Manuel García Castillón asked the Supreme Court to impute the Vice President of Social Rights, Pablo Iglesias, with the rumors presented by the lawyer fired by Podemos. And this Friday there have been various displays of international support for Churches.

"No test" against Pablo Iglesias

“There is no evidence” against Pablo Iglesias

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The leader of France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Melenchon, has affirmed: “All over the world there is judicial harassment against our political family. I support Pablo Iglesias, accused of falsifying a phone stolen by … the police” .

Ska Keller, German Green MEP and co-chair of the Greens / EFA group in the European Parliament, has tweeted: “I want to express my total solidarity with Vice President Pablo Iglesias, who is being attacked by those who want to destabilize the progressive coalition in Spain. Democracy must prevail “.

Die Linke MEP and co-president of the united left (GUE / NGL) in the European Parliament, Martin Schirdewan, said: “We stand in solidarity with Pablo Iglesias. The attacks on him and Podemos are attacks on all of us who fight for progressive alternatives to left and democratic, social, feminist and environmental changes “.

Dimitris Papadimoulis, vice president of the European Parliament and MEP for Syriza, said, for his part: “I fully sympathize with Pablo Iglesias. The attacks on him and Podemos are attacks on all of us, who fight for democratic solutions and progressive alternatives.”

The co-president of the GUE / NGL and MEP of France Insoumise, Manon Aubry, has also manifested in solidarity with Iglesias: “All my support and solidarity for Pablo Iglesias, victim of unacceptable judicial harassment. Political disputes are resolved through the democratic debate, not instrumentalizing justice! All our support! ”


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