August 5, 2021

Symphonic tribute to Paco de Lucía | Culture

Symphonic tribute to Paco de Lucía | Culture

The musical producer Miguel Ángel Arenas Capi He still remembers a conversation he had with the guitarist Paco de Lucía at the wedding of Alejandro Sanz. "I am very daring and I asked Paco why we did not do something classic, he replied: 'We are already here, with what I have suffered to learn to solfear," he recalls. "He then told me that the music is for the musicians to play," he adds. After that talk, there were many others in which Capi did not cease his interest in this project. Four years after the death of the guitarist, the idea of ​​the music producer has materialized in the form of suite symphonic with the support of the heirs of the international artist. "Paco was not just a genius in the flamenco world, flamenco is one thing and Paco de Lucía is another," says Capi, who points out that the goal of this project is "to perpetuate the genius".

Baptized as Xpu-Ha (which in Mayan means "where the water is born"), the workit is orchestrated and directed by three masters who worked with De Lucía in their musical productions: Jesús Bola, Javier Losada and José Miguel Évora. The musical production, which the Seville Royal Symphony Orchestra (ROSS) records during this week in the auditorium of the Cartuja Center Cite with the production company Eiprol Line, is made up of three movements (inspired by the world, their father and mother) and part of the compositional forms called falsetas, which are orchestrated and harmonized under the premises that the composer left in his numerous live performances all over the world. "Paco tried to build bridges with classical music from its origins with versions, such as Manuel de Falla," his brother Pepe de Lucía said Thursday during the presentation of the recording. "This project is an opportunity to reinterpret his music while maintaining its rigor and quality, but from another perspective," added the familiar.

Capi has indicated that the project was put on the table two years before the death of the guitarist, but that he did not start working on it until eight months after his death. "Flamenco had a size and became another with Paco, it got bigger in every way," says Évora, who admits he felt "vertigo" when he was asked to participate in the project. "It is impossible not to become tiny before a sublime work," says Losada.

The first draft of this composition premiered at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico in November 2016. "During this time, we have been correcting, hurrying, shortening … That work lasted an hour and a half and now it is around 45 minutes, it was born to be performed by the best symphonic orchestras of the world ", points out the music producer, who points out that there is still no release date for this version and that it is being considered to do it both in Seville and Madrid. "After the concert in Mexico, the specialized press echoed one phrase: 90 professionals to play a guitar," says Capi.


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