May 10, 2021

Sylvester Stallone hangs up the gloves of Rocky Balboa – The Province

Sylvester Stallone hangs up the gloves of Rocky Balboa - The Province

Good running shoes. One chandal. A ribbon for hair. Headset to give rhythm to the strides. And suddenly some stairs. Faced with this situation, who has not raised them on occasion while the famous theme is playing?Gonna Fly Now'of the saga Rocky Balboa?

The American actor Sylvester Stallone, who is in Tenerife filming the fifth installment of Rambo, has hung the gloves of Rocky Balboa, the boxer who gave him three Oscar nominations and who will perform for the last time in 'Creed II'

"Well, this is probably my last rodeo because … I thought Rocky had finished in 2006, and I was happy with that, but then suddenly[showingoffthescreento[mostrandofueradelapantallaaMichael B. Jordan]This young boy introduced himself and the whole story changed. It passed to a new generation. New problems New Adventures. And I could not be happier, because while I go back, while my story is told, there is a new world that will open up, for the audience, for this generation, "the actor explained in the video he posted on his Instagram account. .

"I just want to thank everyone around the world for taking Rocky's family in their hearts for more than 40 years.It has been a privilege to be able to create and interpret this important character.Although it breaks my heart, sadly all things happen … and it ends … I love you … kind and generous people and most wonderful of all, is that Rocky will never die because he lives in you… ", he added in the publication of the social network.

Rocky Balboa is one of the characters that has given him the most joy Sylvester Stallone. His three Oscar nominations he owes this boxer he has given life seven times, the last this year in Creed. But it seems that the actor is betting to retire this character after the last installment of the franchise.

With Creed, the saga of Rocky has regained the recognition of the criticism he achieved with the original film released 40 years ago and squandered a hit of sequels.

Trailer of 'Creed 2'

While he is looking for other projects, the 72-year-old actor is still in Tenerife filming the fifth part of the story of another of his most emblematic characters: Rambo.

Stallone is enjoying his stay on the island. On November 17, he was surprised on the street of La Noria, in Santa Cruz of Tenerife and caught the attention of those present, who have not hesitated to take their mobile phones and cameras to capture this moment. Stallone did not hesitate to greet the curious who crowded in the area to see the interpreter up close.


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