Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Switzerland wins the Alpine Team Event, the test by countries

Suiza se adjudica el Alpine Team Event, la prueba por países

Switzerland, world champion in February and Olympic champion in 2018, met all the forecasts in the Alpine Team Event, the test by countries that was celebrated on Friday, in the third day of the finals of the World Cup in Grandvalira, and that opens up to new formulas: parallel careers. Two skiers hand in hand, in a slalom of about 200 m, just 25 seconds of vertiginous descent. Whoever wins scores for his country. Four skiers descend by country, two women and two men. There are three rounds between 9 countries, including Andorra, invited on this occasion to be the host.

Switzerland beat Norway in the final (2-2, won by better times), and that result respected the logic. Germany took bronze, after beating Canada in the consolation final (3-2).

The proof, that debuted as such in the
PyeongChang Winter Games last year, has become a new incentive for the world of skiing. There is an open debate about its possibilities.

The experts interpret that the parallel races contribute a plus of agility and tension to the competition. Skiers do not descend thinking only of themselves, but also focusing on the opponent that goes down in the next lane.

Mireia Gutiérrez, Andorran skier who competed in Grandvalira (she won in her series against her Canadian rival, although Andorra lost 3-1), told this newspaper that the challenge "brings special pressure". "It forces you to stay close to your rival, watching what she does. I'll make you cut the lines. "

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