June 17, 2021

Switzerland investigates another transfer of more than 3 million euros from the Swiss account of Juan Carlos I to the Bahamas

The Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa investigates a transfer of 3.5 million euros that was made from the Swiss account of Juan Carlos I, in the name of the Panamanian company Lucum, to another account in the Bahamas of lawyer Dante Canonica, as published this Monday by El País. The prosecutor is tracking the money from this transfer sent to a tax haven to find out if it ended up in other accounts with unknown holders.

The money was transferred shortly before the account of John Charles I in Switzerland was closed to the account of the Dolphin Society of Canonical at the Swiss bank Pictet & Cie in Nassau (Bahamas). The same tax haven in which much of the King Emeritus’ donation to Corinna Larsen was concealed.

Canonical, presumed figurehead of the king emeritus, assured in his statement to the prosecutor that the then head of the Spanish State was the one who ordered him to create a structure in Switzerland. She did it from her office in the La Zarzuela palace to hide an “important donation” that she was going to receive from the Saudi king. Prosecutor Bertossa estimates that it was about 100 million euros.

The lawyer, collaborator of Alberto Fasana, the alleged manager of the Swiss account of Juan Carlos I, assured that at the meeting he warned the king that this operation through an opaque structure could not be carried out since the bank of Geneva, at receiving this amount, a process known as due diligence, a kind of money audit.

Continued cash withdrawals

Between the years 2008 and 2012, Juan Carlos I he regularly withdrew money from the account at the Mirabaud bank. In addition, the address of the Zarzuela Palace is listed as the contact for this account in the Swiss entity. “Bourbon and Bourbon, Juan Carlos. Espagne. Palacio de la Zarzuela-Madrid”.

The monarch made cash withdrawals at the window during those four years, almost always with the concept of “personal expenses”. He did so on January 12, 2009, when he took out 207,000 euros, on March 11 of that same year the amount was 205,000 euros and in June, 209,000. Among the money outflows would be the payment of the fees of Fasana and Canonical. The average amount of cash withdrawn would be around 100,000 euros per month.

Prosecutor Yves Bertossa investigates Fasana, Canonica, Corinna Larsen and Banca Mirabaud as a legal entity for aggravated money laundering. Bertossa believes that the 65 million euros (100 million dollars then) are a commission from the Arab country to Juan Carlos I for having mediated with the consortium of Spanish companies, making the offer of the AVE to Mecca drop by 30%. The money ended up in the hands of the king’s ex-lover, who assured the prosecutor that he has always thought it was a gift from the monarch to try to recover it.


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