Sweet Pain re-engages in the fight for the FMS title

The Sevillian rapper and freestyler Sweet Pain.

The Sevillian rapper and freestyler Sweet Pain.
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The sevillian Sweet pain scored five points in a recovery event from his two pending battles against Bnet and Errecé and rejoins the fight for the Freestyle Master Series title (FMS) Spain the day prior to the celebration of the eighth and penultimate day.

After several weeks away from the circuit, the Sevillian freestyler performed at the highest level in recovering from two of his postponed battles, in which managed to add 5 of the 6 points at stake before Bnet, directly, and before Errecé, after two replies.

With his two victories, Sweet Pain manages to re-engage in the fight for the top positions in the classification and is in fourth position with 13 points, four below the leaders Gazir and Bnet, in the absence of another pending appointment yet to be resolved against Tirpa .

The frenetic pace that Sweet Pain imposed from the start of the day contrasted with Bnet’s relief on DJ Verse’s ‘beats’ and the calm, ease and naturalness of his rapping.

However, the difference in competitive tension and the Sevillian’s constant aggressiveness to generate ingenious ideas precipitated the first defeat of the only undefeated competitor in the league until then.

With this victory, Sweet Pain rises as the only ‘freestyler’ capable of emulating Chuty, who achieved it on the final day of last year, and impose on Bnet directly throughout his two seasons in the competition.

In the second of their confrontations, Sweet could not go beyond the reply to an inspired Errecé, who confessed to feeling “very happy with the level offered” on his social networks.

His versatility, multitude of registers when facing the instrumentals and his outlined technique reduced the plot impact of the Sevillian’s rhymes, who could only unbalance the even battle in his favor in the last of the rounds.

Thus, these results they re-level the chances of many of the competitors, both in the upper and lower areas, just two battles before the end of the season and the day before the celebration of the eighth and penultimate day.

The Sevillian will have to continue his personal long-distance career in a high-level duel against Mnak, third-placed in the league and another of the newly promoted competitors who have mathematical chances of competing for the title.

Gazir, who accumulates seven consecutive victories, will also have a decisive battle before the final day against an inspired Tirpa.

The man from Malaga faces his confrontation with the consistent leader in a plethora of form, after winning the last MVP and establishing his renewed winning dynamic over the last few months.

Bnet, tied at 17 points with Gazir at the top of the table, will face a Blon in need of points if he wants to definitively remove the ghosts of the relegation that scared Mr. Ego last day.

The emergency situation of the Barcelona and the recent defeat of the Madrid, in addition to the level, baggage, career and clash of styles of both characters, augur a high voltage duel.

Errecé and Mr. Ego will face a critical battle in the resolution of the relegation. Eighth and ninth classified respectively can dream of salvation or finish certifying their sinking based on their performance on stage.

Finally, Zasko Master will face the descended Khan in a duel reminiscent of a classic due to his previous experiences and just as stimulating in the musical and technical level as relaxed in the competitive field.


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