Swedes Lööf and Nurmi break the clock - La Provincia

Santa Brígida marked, on the night of Thursday (December 26), the starting point of the Gran Canaria Orienteering Meeting (GCOM 2019). And, on the first day of the competition, two riders broke the clock: the Swedes Jakob Lööf and Kirsi Nurmi, who dominated in the two queens categories (M21 and F21) of the event.

Lööf stopped the clock in 16 minutes and 42 seconds. In his wake the Finn Miika Suominem (17:38) and the Latvians Pavel Krasko (17:49) and Vladyslav Laskarzhevsky (17: 58) stood the rhythm. Among the local participants, Flavio Hernández signed the best time. The Agüico club runner was ninth with a time of 20:12.

The Swedish domain was extended in the main female category. In a circuit that mixed sections through the urban area of ​​Santa Brígida with natural areas in the municipality of Satauteño, Nurmi gave no choice: he broke the clock with a time of 17 minutes and 48 seconds. More than four minutes (4:15) was the second classified: the Ukrainian Ganna Kalinichenko. The Finnish Janina Donner was third with a 22:35 mark. Nira Jiménez (Agüico), with 38:21, was the fastest among the Canary Islands.

In category M35, the most skilled runner to complete the circuit was the Portuguese Gonçalo Mota (22:22); Lena Eliasson Lööf (19:20) left the best record in M35; the French Angel Labarbe was the best among the young (M18) with a time of 21:22; and his compatriot Loane Dudout repeated partial victory in the F18 category with a time of 22:28; and among the oldest, the British Ray Collins, with 20:21, was the fastest in M65.

To the Calderilla

For the second day of the test, today December 27, the GCOM 2019 has a training session reserved for the forest. The organization will move the action towards La Calderilla, where participants will be able to get ready for the rest of the race, which tomorrow, December 28 (10.30) will continue with a medium-distance stage within the pine forest of Los Llanos de la Pez .

The queen stage of GCOM 2019 is reserved for Sunday, December 29. That day (10.30 hours), in a long distance race, the favorites for the final triumph may mark distances on another day that will pass through Los Llanos de la Pez. The closing of this year's edition will take place on New Year's Eve, on December 30 (4:30 p.m.), with a stage under the sprint modality through the town center of Saint Matthew.

At the end of the competition, and to say goodbye to the year, on December 31 the runners will be able to enjoy a training day in the urban area of ​​Valsequillo.

The competition system is the usual orientation tests: the runners leave one at a time with the aim of marking with their tweezers (chip) the beacons indicated on the stage map, each one can choose the path he considers most Short and the winner is the one who spends less time to complete the exercise - exit, beacons and goal.


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