June 21, 2021

“Sustainable Fashion Week Madrid”, catwalk that offers another way of dressing

It is already known that consuming clothes without control takes its toll on the planet. What is now in fashion is to wear clothes that respect the environment and with this idea is born “Sustainable Fashion Week Madrid”, the first sustainable fashion runway in which you will see that there is another way of dressing.

“Sustainable Fashion Week Madrid” was born with the firm intention “to demonstrate that another way of dressing is possible,” explained its director, Paloma G. López, at a press conference on Wednesday.

The textile industry, the second most polluting of the planet after the oil company, manufactures tons of clothes and only recycles one percent, a waste of natural resources, an action that much of society is not very proud of .

“The society asks for more sustainable fashion,” adds Paloma G. López, who says that the most environmentally friendly clothing is “the one already made.”

The textile industry is responsible for 1,200 million greenhouse gas emissions, a figure that exceeds that produced by air and sea transport. If clothing is kept for one or two years, CO2 emissions are reduced by 24 percent, according to Greenpeace’s “Detox my Fashion” report.

Sustainable fashion is an environmental emergency. And that is why this catwalk has been created, promoted by The Circular Project, Madrid that joins the capitals of the world that embrace sustainable fashion.

A series of activities will take place from February 7 to 9 that begin with a conference day in the Talent Garden space, in which it will try to elucidate where the textile industry is going and what can be recovered from the past.

In this same place, in the afternoon, you can meet the brands and professionals who work in sustainable fashion. The next day, Saturday 8, a parade will take place in which the works of firms such as Captain Denim, El Naturalista, Irema, Canussa O Abissi will be seen.

On Sunday, sustainable fashion moves to Alcorcón, where the textile recycling marathon will take place, a cowboy customization workshop and a parade in which most of the garments have been recycled.

“Sustainability is here to stay,” says Paloma G. López, who warns of the importance of recycling garments. Clothing is not garbage, it can have several lives because technology allows to transform textile waste into recycled thread.

Old clothes also serve to make new designs. Do not forget the damage caused to the planet by polyester, a fiber that takes more than 200 years to decompose and emits about three times more CO2 throughout its life cycle than cotton.

And therefore, the technician Pedro Olozabal will measure the carbon emissions produced by this event from the beginning with the press conference until the lights go out.

The idea is to raise awareness of the impact that fashion has on the planet. “Our commitment is to reduce the damage and try to compensate,” said Olozabal, who believes that fashion can be done in a different way, much more responsible and with more friendly figures.


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