Suspicions of tongo 😡 in Olga Moreno’s victory increase

Everyone was struck by the fact that nothing else was done with the Victory in Survivors 2021, the producer of program announce Now, Olga, a program dedicated to Olga Moreno to answer everything that Rocio Carrasco he said in his documentary series a few months ago. Now we know thanks to Belén Esteban that the interview was agreed before the end of the reality show as she told in Sunday Deluxe.

“I think they should have asked Olga: ‘Do you want to do the interview?”said the People’s Princess. Faced with this sentence, Antonio Rossi asked if Antonio David Flores’s wife was obliged, to which Belén replied: “She is not obliged, but the interview was closed since before the end of ‘Survivors’. You have to be honest, Antonio, what we know the whole world. ”

Even if Rossi and Maria Patiño They claimed not to know anything about what their partner was saying, Belén Rodríguez threw a cloak on her: “It was closed from before, sorry, Olga left before yesterday, did you not know about the interview before Friday? Tell the truth”. And of course, it is rare that a completely isolated contestant confirmed before finishing Survivors 2021 an interview of a content that, theoretically, she had not seen.

Rocío Flores praises the controversial hug between her brother and Olga

The programs of Telecinco continue to analyze the Olga Moreno’s controversial victory in ‘Survivors‘. During the morning of this Monday, Dew Flowers has visited ‘The summer program’ to tell how he feels and give his version of the most controversial moment that occurred during the last minutes of the final reality show: the appearance of his brother David on set.

“You are the best survivor in all of history, you have done it super well. You are the best person I have ever met in all my life,” said Rocio Carrasco to the current wife of Antonio David Flores while Carlos Sobera I was holding a microphone to him.

David’s appearance on set, accompanied by these words that many qualify as scripted, is a clear example of vicarious and media violence towards the young man’s mother. For this reason, The networks have mobilized and have accused Telecinco and Bulldog TV, producer of ‘Survivientes’, of being accomplices of this type of abuse.

This morning, Joaquín Prat asked Rocío Flores about the scene how much has been talked about in recent days. “Twenty people came to Madrid. Among them were David, Lola (Olga’s daughter) and me. The moment Olga beat Melyssa, David said he wanted to get in“, has begun explaining.

According to his account, they asked the producer for permission so that his brother could be on set. “Lola could not enter because she is a minor and the authorization did not arrive on time,” he pointed out before adding that David “arrived at Telecinco 20 minutes before Olga was proclaimed the winner.” “The only one who was here from minute zero was me, I was stuck in a room,” he said.

Although the images seem to indicate otherwise, Rocío has affirmed that the sequence of these events was totally spontaneous: “It came up like this”. “David is a person who is turning years old and who thinks for himself, I will never tire of saying it. I am up to here to talk about him in terms that are not. He is radiant and I too, we are all very happy “, has settled.


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