Suspended in a "provisional" way the visits to the cave of Altamira - La Provincia

Suspended in a "provisional" way the visits to the cave of Altamira - La Provincia

Experimental visits to the cave of Altamira have been suspended "exceptional" Y "provisional" after detecting a "disturbance in the concentration of carbon dioxide" inside the cavity.

This increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide "It's natural and seasonal" and it's "determined by the climatic situation abroad, "they explain from the National Museum and Research Center Altamira on its website and through its Twitter account.

The detection of this disturbance and in compliance with the protocols established in the Preventive Conservation Plan approved by the Board of the Museum, the public visit by lottery scheduled for this Friday, January 4, has been suspended.

"It is a preventive action of a provisional nature, which will be maintained until the established reference values ​​are recovered ", have indicated from the Museum of Altamira on the web and the social network, in which, although it had not been published publicly, the suspension of the visit of two weeks ago, the December 14th

However, there has not been an official communication about this temporary suspension of the experimental visits, through which, since February 2014, on Friday, five people chosen by lottery among the visitors enter the cave.

Meanwhile there is still no date for the meeting of the Board of Altamira, organ that has not met since June 2017. In that last meeting, it was already indicated that the seasonalization of the experimental visits would be studied.

The coordinator of the Preventive Plan and of Conservation of the Cave of Altamira, José María Ballester, explained that the possibility of concentrating visits outside the period between February and June would be analyzed, which is when the problems of filtration and condensation of water in the cavity are accentuated.

And he assured that, if these seasonal visits were implemented, it would not mean reducing the number of visitors to the cave, which would continue to be 240 people per year, but, if that seasonality was decided to improve conservation, the rest of the months could be made, for example, two weekly drawings for the entry of five people each day.


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