suspend the excavation of the horizontal tunnel

suspend the excavation of the horizontal tunnel

Rescue services and specialists work day and night to try to get to the small Julen in the shortest possible time. However, it seems that all the elements have been put against him. First it was the sand plug of the well, which they have not been able to overcome, now the instability of the land has forced to suspend the drilling of the hill to realize a horizontal tunnel due to the instability of the land. Now, the efforts are focused on the parallel vertical well that fell Julen last Sunday at 2:00 pm. For this, they have opened a hole and have managed to drill without great difficulties the first 50 meters. From there, it's being more complicated. Once they reach the depth to which they believe that little Julen, 2 years old, will have to be continued manually. In addition, while digging, they have to go securing the land, with a kind of scaffolding to avoid possible landslides, which would bury the rescue forces. For this, a specialist, probably one of the miners displaced from Asturias, must go down to try to reach the child in the shortest possible time. In fact, there is a team of specialists who are already doing tests so that when they are down, they have everything ready. In parallel, the well in which Julen is, is being secured with tubes so that there are no landslides that can bury even more the child who disappeared last Sunday.

After a few days of uncertainty, yesterday the illusions of being able to find Julen alive were renewed. The sample of hair found in the sand extracted from the stopper that separates Julen from the surface restored hope to all those who doubted that the little malagueño was really in the hole. During the last days, some experts and even the Civil Guard, came to doubt that Julen could have fallen through a hole like that, little more than a foot in diameter full of imperfections, with roots stones … and I would not have been caught higher. In contrast, the case of a young American woman who managed to survive locked up for 58 hours and the possibility that the well has an air pocket have returned hope to the family and to the more than 100 people who work tirelessly to try to save him.

Nobody rests. There are already four days of intense search to extract Julen from the well over a hundred meters deep that he rushed to on Sunday when he was with his parents for family food. Yesterday, Bernardo Moltó, one of the 48 civil guards participating in the operation, stressed that the work being carried out is an authentic task of "civil engineering". The team of five members of Stockholm Precision Tools, the Swedish geolocation company, hurries the location of the small while the eight Hunosa troops (the Asturian miners who have moved to the area) yesterday began training with members of the GREIM ( the unit of the Civil Guard specialized in special rescue of intervention in mountain). In the final phase of the rescue they will be the ones who must move physically to the concrete point where the small one is with oxygen cylinders before the possibility of shortness of breath.

On the surface, yesterday the adaptation of the terrain to proceed with the tunnel boring machines was completed, a fundamental step to secure the area and prevent further collapses in the hole where Julen is, which is calculated below 80 meters, a term in which they found the plug that prevents access to the end of it. This has enabled an area of ​​23 meters wide to be able to move the heavy machinery timely, among which there are multi-axle trucks of 40 tons. As for the two tunnels (one vertical and one horizontal) at the last hour of yesterday began to be drilled which will be dug parallel to the well where Julen is, at which point the sand suction was also tried again for uncover it, without results.


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