Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Suso Santana apologizes for photo with an amateur with Nazi symbology

The captain of Tenerife, Suso Santana, has been photographed with a follower who had tattooed Nazi symbology.

The captain of Tenerife, Suso Santana, has shown its “most sincere apologys ”to people who may have felt“offended” by a “inappropriate photography”Spread on social networks where he poses with an amateur with Nazi symbology.

The far right has issued a statement on their social networks in which he explains that the photograph occurred when a person he knows asked for a party invitation and another person came to pick them up.

That person, that I don’t know, asks me for a photograph and I access, as I always do, without noticing his tattoos or knowing who he is“, has explained.

Suso Santana has said he rejects “fully any behavior, behavior or ideology that incites violence”, For which he has apologized to people who,“ justifiably ”, may have felt offended.

I have always fought for the values ​​that unite us by society, and tolerance and respect are two maxims for me, something that can be confirmed by anyone who knows me”, Has settled.


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