April 20, 2021

Susi Sánchez, Goya for best actress: a wonderful secret of Spanish interpretation | Culture

Susi Sánchez, Goya for best actress: a wonderful secret of Spanish interpretation | Culture

Asunción Sánchez Abellán (Valencia, 1955) does not seem like a name called to stardom. Susi Sánchez yes. But for decades your work in movie theater, TV and theater has been done underground, attracting the attention of their peers, although not the general public. Susi Sánchez is one of those wonderful secrets that hides the Spanish interpretation: the Union of Actors he has awarded him up to four times; owns a theater Max by When it stops raining. And he's done a lot, even in popular movies, like embodying Queen Isabella the Catholic in Juana la Loca (2001).

NOT even this Goya is her first appearance at the Spanish film ceremony, as she was a candidate in 2013 with 10,000 nights nowhere, another film made by the director who best knows her, Ramón Salazar, who has directed him in three of his four films. "Ramón knows the feminine soul with depth, like few women, with the wisdom of an old man, and at the same time enjoys a playful spirit," he assured a year ago at the Berlinale, during the premiere of The disease on Sunday. With Pedro Almodovar he has worked in The skin that I live, Juliet Y Pain and Glory.

With Alleged guilty, his latest series, many viewers have been aware of his presence. In an interview about the series, the actress told: "I'm ashamed to say it, but now I can choose roles, it's a consequence of the recognition I now enjoy, but I'm very embarrassed to say it because many actresses have been left along the way in the absence of characters, this is a pain for me. "

True, many actresses of his generation have been moving away from the profession. If the interpretation is one of the labor fields with the highest percentage of unemployment, the figure shoots up in middle-aged women. Sánchez describes herself as an ant, as a bottom runner. "The viewer does not see the other side. He does not see that we spent 16 hours under the rain working and cold. Sometimes we work under very harsh conditions but people only see the glamor and the lights of the stars, but they do not know everything that is behind ". She knows him perfectly, because among the dozen of titles in which she has worked as a secondary school, there is even an Oscar candidate like the Peruvian The scared tit.

Now Sánchez looks for scripts of female characters "who are at least alive". In recent months she has made several statements recalling that mature women are also sexy, that they deserve to be reflected in the cinema as they are in real life, and that Sickness of Sunday has discovered in the eyes of the spectators, because the film can be see all over the world through Netflix, a great interpreter.


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