Susi Caramelo returns to Movistar + with her most surprising and personal program by the hand of the producer of 'GH VIP'

Movistar + Trust Susi Caramelo again. The payment platform has given the green light to a new personality show for # 0 that will star the comic, as YoTele has exclusively known.

In the new space, what will be produced by Zeppelin ('Big Brother VIP'), last season's breakout reporter It will show a different profile than what we were used to, without giving up its usual sense of humor. You will go through different places to meet and talk with characters of different nature and color.

In this way, Susi Caramelo will once again show the freshness and irreverence that made her popular in the interview show 'The ones that were missing', presented by Thais Villas, and catapulted it as a phenomenon on social networks.

According to the information to which this portal has had exclusive access, recordings for his new show will begin in the next few days.

Susi Caramelo has become one of the most recognized faces of Movistar +. In addition to his collaborations in the aforementioned 'Las que missing', he has also participated in the program 'Zero in history'.

Later she made the leap as a presenter with 'Candy', a space for interviews and reports with which she recovered her role as a reporter to chat with characters of all kinds.


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