Susanna Griso rebukes Fran Rivera: “There was no question of how women drive”

Susanna Griso in 'Public Mirror'.

Susanna Griso in ‘Public Mirror’.

Fran rivera He returned yesterday to ‘Public Mirror’ to present his interview section, which this week was starring Luis Moya. The bullfighter chatted with the copilot who, together with Carlos Sainz he won two world rallies. Rivera traveled to Barcelona to talk with him about his professional career, anecdotes and also his opinions.

“Do women drive well?” Rivera asked him, to which the interviewee answered correctly: “They make the same mistakes that we make.” Back on set, with the collaborator present, Susanna Griso he did not cut himself off and scolded the bullfighter: “There was no question of how women drive.” “It was a question because it is the typical topic that had to be broken”, the bullfighter tried to defend himself. Diego Revuelta intervened to say that women have fewer accidents. “That’s right, that’s right! We are also much better rated by the insurance companies, which are the ones that know.”

The bullfighter did not remain silent and replied: “There is another study that ensures that they are the ones that cause the most accidents.” The presenter preferred to leave the matter: “Come on, you made that up, we are not going to fall into your trap.”


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