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Susanna Griso, outraged by the hoax that the strike of independence

Susanna Griso, indignada por el bulo que la tacha de independentista

In recent days and through social networks, false information about Susanna Griso. It is a supposed message that the presenter of
Public mirror
I would have said and that I would strike her as "supremacist"," Class "and"independence" Once again Griso has denied this affirmation. And there are three.

In fact, today and live, the journalist has again denied that canard in your program. They were discussing the calls
fake news
, when the Catalan has not hesitated to lash out against those who spread information and false news. And is that, "I'm suffering" for this issue, he said.

The supposed sentence of Griso would be this: "I have been working in Spain for many years and I love their people, but I descend from the Catalan bourgeoisie and I will never forget that we are a superior ethnic group" Next, there is his photograph and his name and two surnames: Susana Griso Raventós. It is striking that not even the presenter's name is well written since the two names are missing.

At the time, denied this false attribution but after returning to spread this false news, Griso could not help but explode. "I'm suffering. I am a victim of the 'fake news'. There is a WhatsApp that is running over and over again. You have to be an idiot to think that I would say something similar, "lamented the journalist.

"It is a coordinated strategy of discrediting", he assures. David Alandete, expert in 'fake news' and author of the book Fake news: the new weapon of mass destruction considers that this type of loopholes could be avoided if legislation to distinguish the media from those that are not. "Governments can force networks to have stricter controls," he explained.

"It hurts me personally because they are so many nonsense in the same sentence that I do not know how credibility can be given"Griso was outraged. An indignation that has also been transferred to digital media that write "false headlines" about the content of the information collected by Public mirror. One of them about the multiple violation of Sabadell.

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