Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Susanna Griso is harshly criticized for a question to the man who helped his wife die

Susanna Griso es duramente criticada por una pregunta al hombre que ayudó a morir a su mujer

Few people are left in Spain who have not heard of the tragic news on Ángel Hernández, the man who helped his wife die Maria José Carrasco, who had a disease terminal for 30 years. Both have shocked the issue, that debates have been opened about euthanasia and the assisted death at a national level between political parties, citizens or the media itself.

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One of the programs that wanted to give voice to the protagonist of this story a few hours after it was produced has been 'Public mirror', In which your presenter, Susanna Griso, Has got outrage Thousands of Twitter users for their lack of sensitivity or tact with one of the questions he has raised.

The event

The story of Angel has shocked the population, which has not been slow to attack Susanna Griso on Twitter for raising a "miserable" question

"Why did you decide to go public? Why did you record those videos? To protect yourself? To make it clear that this was the will of María José? Or because you want to influence the electoral campaign and in a political debate? ", Griso questioned, referring to the images recorded by Hernández about the state of his wife María José Carrasco in recent days.

Given this, and with total naturalness, the aforementioned responds that politics gave him absolutely the same: "He brings it to me. It is not something that worries me. It has happened as many things happen. "

This question, has enraged thousands of people, who have attacked to the presenter for his performance, which according to the majority has been "miserable".

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