Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Susanna Griso is 'angry' with Pablo Motos

Susanna Griso se ‘enfada’ con Pablo Motos por ‘La Voz’

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The voice
is one of the best kept secrets of Antenna 3. After the acquisition of the rights to the format, the chain has endowed the program with great mystery and reserve. So much so that there could be an internal 'war' to discover a great exclusive: the name of the presenter or host of talent show.

Pablo Motorcycles He is the lucky one who will reveal such an unknown issue live and he will do it tomorrow, Wednesday. However, a Susanna Griso He has not liked this decision and has not hesitated to show his anger. "He knows who is going to present The voice and I do not know? "he said.

"And why does Motos know and I do not know?"

Twenty-four hours to learn one of the key enigmas of the program, Antena 3 wanted to give an emphasis of mystery to the situation. For this, he has initiated the promotion of The voice in Public mirror. And one of the key questions is: who will present it? The only answer is Pablo Motos, who on Wednesday at 9:40 pm will announce the name. So did Diego Revuelto, collaborator of Espejo Público, to Susanna Griso: "Pablo Motos already knows who is going to present La Voz".

"Does Pablo Motos know? And why does Motos know and I do not know? Now we are with secrets, now in this house there are presenters who know who is going to present The voice and others who do not know", Answered Griso visibly upset (and in a joking tone).

"I know you have been outraged," continued Revuelta. "What I was missing today," Griso concluded in an ironic tone. And it is that Antena 3 chose one of its programs talismans in prime time to publicize the most anticipated news since the chain bought the rights of La Voz. Who will present the talent show? The bets open.

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