Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Susanna Griso apologizes for the controversial question to the man who helped his wife die

Susanna Griso pide perdón por la polémica pregunta al hombre que ayudó a morir a su mujer

Susanna Griso has asked sorry. The presenter of 'Espejo Público' of Antena 3 launched a question to Ángel Hernández, the man who he helped his wife die terminally ill with multiple sclerosis, for which she was severely criticized. In the heat of debate for the euthanasia, and only two days after the death of María José Carrasco, Griso linked his assisted death to the electoral campaign.

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"Why did you decide to go public? Why did you record those videos? To protect yourself? To make it clear that this was the will of María José? Or because you want influence the electoral campaign and in a political debate? ", asked Hernández.

The man's response was blunt: "He brings it to me. It is not something that worries me. It has happened as many things happen. "

The question angered thousands of viewers who left evidence of their anger in the networks through messages in which they censured the attitude of Griso.

Before the barrage of criticism, the presenter broadcast a message on Twitter in which he retracted his unfortunate words. In it, he said that the reason he formulated the controversial question was that "in the electoral campaign can take commitments from politicians," and complained to those who criticized him that, if they saw the full interview, the context was better understood.

"Angel lamented that the debate on a future euthanasia law had been stranded in Congress for so long. Having said that, it is clear that I was wrong in the way I asked the question. I apologize for that, "he concluded.

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