June 13, 2021

"Susana Díaz is advancing the elections today but the legislature ended the day when she broke her word"

"Susana Díaz is advancing the elections today but the legislature ended the day when she broke her word"

This is how Marín spoke at a press conference in the regional chamber, once the Andalusian chief executive signed the decree dissolving the Andalusian Parliament and, thus, ahead of the regional elections on Sunday, December 2, after a meeting was held extraordinary meeting of the Government Council.

"Today Susana Díaz elections but knows that the legislature has not finished today, but ended the day he broke his word and said he was not going to regenerate anything, that would not eliminate the appraisals, which would not defend that the vote of all the Andalusians it would be worth the same, or that it would not set in motion the anti-fraud office to raise the carpets of San Telmo and that fresh air could enter, "said the leader of the orange party.

Marín alludes to the part of the investiture agreement maintained by the PSOE-A and Cs since the 2015 elections regarding measures to regenerate public life. The breach by the Socialists of this part of the pact led Cs a month ago to give it up as broken.

And, as stressed by the Andalusian leader, "Cs is a political project with a clear commitment to regenerate public life, which wants to restore credibility to institutions and confidence to the Andalusians, and that the PP-A and the PSOE -A they have not done it nor will they do it in Andalusia. "

In addition, he insisted that Susana Díaz advance the elections "because the judicial winter that awaits him is very hard and it was going to be immensely long," although he warned him: "Even dissolving the Parliament is going to get rid of having to to face the Andalusians by the Faffe, the ERE, the training and by the issues that have muddied the image of Andalusia ".

On the argument put forward by Susana Díaz to justify the electoral advance because he saw "impossible" to get support to approve the Andalusian Budget for 2019, Marín has replied that "neither the PSOE-A nor the Andalusian Government have convened the groups" to address the bills; while on the president's allusion to the lack of stability in the community, the leader of Cs has warned that "what creates instability are the ERE, the Faffe, corruption or not wanting to regenerate anything or fulfill the word of that one signed. "


However, Marín has argued that Cs will go to the polls "with more strength than ever" in an election that augurs "historic", and when he said that "to each new lie of Pedro Sánchez and Susana Díaz, the Andalusians have a thousand more reasons to fill the polls with enthusiasm, and we hope that will translate into an orange vote to regenerate public life. "

"In these elections we can open a new stage in Andalusia well beyond the failure of the bipartisanship, where we do not have to choose between the same as always and among those who have their showcases full of defeats," he added before riveting that "for the first time Once, with Cs, there is an opportunity in Andalusia to really change things ".

Thus, Marín has assured that on December 2 "no one will deny the Andalusians the right they have to hope that things change in Andalusia, we will do everything in our power to make things change" , to add that Cs is going to give "the political battle" and thus achieve "the change that Andalusia needs".

"Andalusia is much more than what Susana Díaz and the PSOE-A have tried to make us believe in the Andalusians", has sentenced the Andalusian president of the orange party, who has indicated that his party faces the electoral campaign "with the illusion that the Andalusians have the opportunity to change their future. "


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