Susana Díaz assumes the roadmap of Espadas and Ferraz to accept her secondary role in the PSOE-A

The cinematographic simile, so helped, put it on the table this Monday Juan Espadas when explaining how the path that will lead him to be secretary general of the Andalusian PSOE has been designed, an encumbramiento that in principle will take place on July 23 or (if at the end some more applicants appear and you have to go to the primaries again) on September 5 at the latest. "In this film, the actress and the actor are the ones who are here and we are alone, we organize ourselves", a feature film - without a director or producer, it had an impact - of those in which a figure who has been everything passes the witness to a new rising star.

The actress and the actor are who they are, but the most complicated thing was designing the filming set on which the film that came out of the June 13 primaries was going to be shot, in which Espadas clearly beat Díaz to be the next socialist candidate for the Junta. There were many who wanted to get their hands on this design, and not a few who from Ferraz and Andalusia rubbed their hands at the prospect of an iron process that would aggravate the fall of Díaz.

With this scenario, Espadas wrested from Ferraz the commitment to have carte blanche to pilot the negotiations in his own way. "A process of fracture and not harmonious is the opposite of Juan Espadas," he himself pointed out in the staging this Monday of the transition mechanism agreed with Díaz, who has disappeared from the front line since his defeat in mid-June.

A resignation that did not come

The secretary of the Federal Organization, José Luis Ábalos, insisted the day after these primaries that there was "no internal problem.", although the immediate resignation of Díaz was expected. That not only did not happen, but it began to be interpreted as a castling of the former Andalusian president every day that passed and she did not resign, no matter how much Espadas insisted that the process had its times.

The mayor of Seville needed to mark a certain distance with Ferraz, after a campaign in which his rival presented him as little less than the figurehead who was going to deliver the keys of the Andalusian PSOE to Madrid. The objective was to avoid a manager, on the one hand so as not to embark on "an abrupt process of division" and on the other so as not to convey the feeling that the federal leadership was taking control of the PSOE-A.

Espadas obtained the endorsement of Ferraz, who in parallel made a double movement: He asked to speed up the times and covered his back by advancing his federal committee to July 3, thus reducing the room for maneuver. If there is no white fire, it was said, that day Diaz's exit will be activated.

Same as a manager, but without fracture

Far from all this noise, the former Andalusian president herself assured this Monday that both she and Espadas have been an "example of discretion" in carrying out negotiations in which she has followed "the roadmap that Juan Espadas understands as better for the PSOE-A ". The winner of the primaries already defended Díaz last week, assuring that he himself had asked him not to resign to avoid a manager, since he considers that the adopted formula "allows the same decisions to be made without acceleration or resignation", with consensus and " no hurries".

With all this, Susana Díaz was filming this Monday in San Vicente, headquarters of the Andalusian Socialists, one of her last scenes as a leading actress before assuming a secondary role away from the spotlight, although there is still the epilogue of the steering committee that will bless her goodbye . "We will continue on the chopping block," he pointed out when announcing that he will be in the next plenary session of the Andalusian Parliament, although his presence in the old hospital of the Five Wounds will not last much further because, in the absence of official confirmation, his destination is the of a seat in the Senate.

The Susana Díaz who used to eat the stage now showed with discipline her most discreet political profile in the environment in which she has had absolute power for so long. And he did it still with the evident trace of the defeat in the socialist primaries, more pending close this stage with dignity, to proclaim his collaboration with Espadas and his loyalty to the PSOE than to claim a more leading role in this film.

Casting partner recognition

"I am loyal to the PSOE," he repeated several times. "It is what I feel, what I live, it is my passion," he explained in what were his most personal words in a dialogue in which he delegated much of the role in Swords. "Juan is going to have me to join the PSOE and reinforce it, he knows that he is going to have me leaning his shoulder", and the winner in the primaries threw elegance to give him a reply and thank him for his "work, effort, personal sacrifice and dedication to all days for many years. "

Thus, he recognized the profile of a Díaz who was everything in Andalusia and that there was even a moment when it seemed that she was going to be everything in Spain. It was 2014, when he flew Pedro Sánchez to the General Secretariat with the feeling that he was boosting him on an interim basis until he decided to take the plunge. Seven years later, without institutional power and with a growing internal protest fueled by a sanchismo that did not stop growing in Andalusia, his political epilogue (for now) was written on June 13 when he lost the primaries in which the socialists chose who he was to be his candidate for the Board. After resigning to be an MEP, minister and even president of the Senate to try to reconquer San Telmo, she now saw herself dismounted and saying goodbye to the organic power that for so many years she had chiseled with such care. He played all or nothing, and nothing came out.

Was this Monday's scene in San Vicente then your last appearance in the Andalusian PSOE film? Well no, at least according to Espadas himself: "It is an asset of this party, a political capital in which I am going to support myself, a patrimony of this house ...". But his departure from the Socialist headquarters had an air of the final scene of Desert centaurs, when the door of the family home closes and that Ethan played by John Wayne is left out: good for war, but now are other times. "She has a political life ahead of her," insists Espadas, although it seems that now she has to ride alone and assume the role of secondary actress in the next productions of the Andalusian PSOE.


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