Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

Susana confesses that she didn’t want to break up with Gonzalo before the cameras

The Mediaset universe does not end only in the programs that we can watch your television channels, mainly Telecinco and Four, there is also room for new platforms. It is the case of
, the platform with which many celebrities out of their programs continue to give content to their fans. The last to arrive has been Susana Molina, ex-partner of Gonzalo and contestant of
The island of temptations

The winner of Big Brother, began his new channel speaking, of course, of his time in the program revelation of the season. His experience on the island resulted in the break with his partner for six years. We must remember that both met at the house of Guadalix de la Sierra being contestants

Gonzalo and Susana, contestant couple of 'The island of temptations'

Gonzalo and Susana, contestant couple of ‘The island of temptations’

After changing his life completely to Seville, city of
, the Murcia now will have to start a new time. His fame acquired in recent weeks sure that will make you find our jobs. It is the case of Yes with you, his channel on the Mediaset video platform, in which characters such as Alejandra Rubio (daughter of Terelu Campos) or Alma Bollo (daughter of Raquel Bollo) already debuted.

Although its rupture was an open secret for many, as it was known even before the beginning of the program, it was one of the great moments. “My relationship with Gonzalo when we enter The island of temptations it wasn’t broken. We were a super happy couple, ”he says Suzanne in his new channel.

'The island of temptations': Susana talked about her relationship with Gonzalo on her new MTMAD channel

‘The island of temptations’: Susana talked about her relationship with Gonzalo on her new MTMAD channel

Although she was not jealous at any time because of her partner, the contestant explains that at the time of the bonfires contradictory feelings came to him. “I didn’t feel that need to see it, I wasn’t missing it“, He said. That feeling could be due to the fact that without his company he felt “free” in the house with the rest of his companions.

The tears of Gonzalo they still resonate in the minds of many spectators, so the contestant of
The island of temptations
He wanted to talk about that last meeting and give his version. For her it was “the most complicated” of her life, being the person with whom he had shared six years.

'The Island of Temptations': Susana's confession to Gonzalo, the big surprise of the night

‘The Island of Temptations’: Susana’s confession to Gonzalo, the big surprise of the night

Susana also clarified that that day was not going to break before the cameras: “I didn’t want to do it in public, I thought to recriminate some comments that had hurt me. ” But, the final intention of the winner of Big Brother was to finish the process by leaving “with Gonzalo but with a pending conversation. ”

Although he finally did, he says he regrets hurting him: “I didn’t want to hurt him in front of people, but it was the first time in my life that I’ve been brave” An important step that made him lose “20 kilos of over that time.” Susana ends the video hoping that Gonzalo Find someone who can be with “100%” and she will feel in love again.

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