‘Survivors: Honduras Connection’ reaches its last installment as a great rival to the final stretch of ‘Woman’

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‘Survivors: Honduras Connection’


The final stretch of ‘Woman’ continues tonight (10:45 p.m.) in Antenna 3 with a new chapter. In this installment, Sirin visits the neighborhood incognito: will go to the apartment in search of money. Will she manage to escape unseen, now that she is in search and capture? For his part, Enver can’t believe his young daughter can make it this far yet. The tailor, who still seeks good for evil, does not know whether to give up. At the same time, Bahar, who continues with his relationship with Arif, continues to assimilate everything that Sirin did to Sarp in the past. The book that Fazilet wrote about Bahar will move the protagonist. That Bahar is the soul of the story and of the authorship will be a great emotion for all. As soon as Raif is sure of Ceyda’s feelings for him, he will have an important proposition for her.

‘The devil’s clocks’

A new installment of ‘The Devil’s Clocks’ arrives tonight (11:30 p.m.) at Four. After being sentenced to eight months in prison by the French justice, Marco shares a cell with Pablo. The mechanic is aware that if Aurelio discovers that he is an infiltrator, he will end him and his family, so he resignedly accepts the sentence. On the other hand, Deputy Commissioner Vexina is fired for his mistake, while at the Merani home the situation is complicated. After being released from prison, Marco faces the harsh reality: the shipyard is on the verge of bankruptcy, Flavia wants to separate from him and the villagers believe that he is a drug dealer. At Christmas, Aurelio visits him and presents him with an expensive watch. Merani rejects the gift, but the Spanish drug lord warns him that he will not be able to get rid of it. Meanwhile, the Italian police pressure him to continue the mission, but he refuses. While trying to refloat the shipyard, Marco meets Alessia, an old love from his youth.

‘Honduras connection’

For its part, Telecinco broadcasts the last gala of ‘Connection Honduras’ of this edition (22:00 hours) of ‘Survivors 2021’. The program presented by Jordi Gonzalez will receive on the set the eleventh expelled, Alejandro Albalá, to address the most outstanding situations of his time in the contest, in which it has remained at the gates of the grand final. In constant connection with Lara Álvarez from Honduras, images will be seen of the farewell of the survivors from the main locations where they have had to move forward, of their efforts to try to bring positions closer and of their participation in the ‘Fire ceremony’, which puts the final touch on your stay in the Central American country. In addition, the space will broadcast videos with unpublished content of what happened at the last gala.

‘Under the same roof’

The 1 of TVE bet tonight (10:10 pm) on Spanish cinema with the broadcast of ‘Under the same roof’. The two members of a marriage, after divorcing, will have to continue living under the same roof as they cannot find a buyer for their married house and neither of them have enough money to move to another place.

‘Patriots Day’

What’s more, the sixth He also opts for the seventh art with ‘Patriots Day’ (10:30 p.m.). Based on the Boston Marathon bombing, it tells the story of police officer Ed Davis, who investigates the events after the terrorist act, offering a comprehensive account of the chase that was carried out throughout the city to hunt down the causing the attack.


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