SURVIVORS FINAL 2021 | Rocío Carrasco puts Olga Moreno in her place

New chapter in the war between Rocio Carrasco with Olga Moreno. The daughter of Rocío Jurado has been asked about the passage of Olga Moreno by ‘Survivors’ on the set of Save Me and assured that he wanted the world to know that those children “They had never been brought up in hatred”.

“It does not surprise me that she has reached the end”, began through tears by reiterating that he had never engendered hatred in Rocío Flores and David Flores with respect to their mother.

“I am not surprised that she has reached the final because she is a born survivor. She has been surviving my suffering for 20 years without caring about anything, it is clear”.

Olga Moreno decided to dedicate a letter to Rocío Carrasco’s son on his farewell to Honduras: “You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I will always be by your side”, have been the words with which he has reiterated his affection for David. Finally, Antonio David Flores’s wife has written that “you are very, very big. Your Oa loves you ”. Last night neither Rocío nor David were on set but the young woman showed a video on networks in which, together with her brother, she showed the explosion of joy after Olga’s salvation.

‘Survivors 2021’ begins its grand finale with the expulsion of Tom and the nominations of Lola and Olga Moreno

Is end of ‘Survivors 2021’ it has been full of emotions. In this first part, presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez, Tom Brusse has been expelled from reality Y her rival, Olga, has joined the cast of finalists made up of Gianmarco, Melyssa and Lola who will play the victory and the prize of 200,000 euros in the second part of the final.

The surprises have been many for the survivors, with visits from their relatives and videos of their passage through the contest. After the expulsion of Tom, the contestants have put their immunity at stake for the last nominations in a test, not very easy. The winner of the game has been Melyssa, who has obtained the privilege of going directly to the grand final, without being nominated and being able to choose one of the last nominees of the edition. Finally, Olga and Lola have remained as the nominees of the night and one of them will be the finalist, along with Melyssa and Gianmarco who already are.

In the last final gala this Friday, presented by Carlos Sobera, the duel between Olga and Lola will be played and the winner of this installment of ‘Survivors’ will be announced. A gala that, without a doubt, will be very close.

The hearing is organized to try the cancellation of Save me: these are the reasons

Few programs generate more controversy than “Save me.” And not only among his socialists and other collaborators. But among the audience itself. And there are many viewers who, whether or not they see the popular Telecinco space, are against its broadcast. Now, and for the umpteenth time, many of them have joined through social networks to try to knock down what is one of the most watched programs on Mediaset.

The reason for this new great anger of viewers it has to do with another of the last great successes of Telecinco: Rocío Carrasco. And since her new appearance on television, in the docuserie “Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive”, Rocío Jurado’s daughter leaves no one indifferent. Now, with his signing for “Save me”, even less. And since then, many have asked for the cancellation of the program, since they do not consider Carrasco’s participation appropriate.

This whole issue comes from the broadcast of “Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive.” In several of the chapters of the docuserie, one of the last great “hits” of Mediaset, Carrasco accused her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores, of mistreatment. Those accusations divided a good part of the audience. Some who clearly positioned themselves on his side and who raised their voices shouting “Rocío, I do believe you.” And others who did it against, and defended the innocence of Antonio David Flores, on whom no sentence weighs for mistreatment.

Another rugged issue that divided the audience was Carrasco’s relationship with her two children, fruit of the marriage with Flores. He has no relationship with any of them and that was seen by some viewers as a departure from functions by Carrasco. It was also cataloged as a consequence of the hypothetical mistreatment by the others.

In this sense, the children, especially Rocío Flores, positioned themselves in favor of their father. They assured that they were not witnesses of mistreatment and that, furthermore, the father had never tried to turn them against Carrasco.

In the middle of this open war, the address of “Save me” with his rod to fish in a troubled river. The “campanu” was Rocío Carrasco, new signing of “Sálvame”. Despite the fact that Rocío Jurado’s daughter had cracked everything there was and because of the press of the heart, she accepted Telecinco’s proposal. This was also, again, highly criticized by the audience, who considered the commitment to this television format to be incongruous, which they accused of having generated important psychiatric disorders.

Now Flores occupies the position of “Defender of the audience” in Sálvame. But everything points to her being the one who will have to look for defenders, because the audience points to her. And to kill.


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