Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

'Survivors' confirms Monica Hoyos as sixth contestant

‘Supervivientes’: Mónica Hoyos, sexta concursante confirmada

Survivors 2019
continues confirming new contestants and the corridors of Mediaset Spain are a real hotbed these days. After announcing with great fanfare the signing of Isabel Pantoja, has been Monica Hoyos the new one confirmed of the reality islander. The exconcursante of GH Vip you will have to see the faces with Carlos Lozano, his ex-partner.

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During the final gala of GH Duo Jordi González has given way to the video in which the actress and model announced that it will be in the new edition of the program of survival. The program has announced in a few days two major signings that will give much to talk about in the Telecinco programs in the coming months.

'Saturday Deluxe': Monica Hoyos and Miriam Saavedra star in a showdown full of insults and scorn

'Saturday Deluxe': Monica Hoyos and Miriam Saavedra star in a showdown full of insults and scorn

The love trio formed by Carlos Lozano, Miriam Saavedra and Mónica Hoyos already lived tense moments in the last edition of

GH Vip,
where Monica and Miriam had to live inside the house of Guadalix. Despite not being a contestant, Lozano had a great role in the contest.

The incorporation of Isabel Pantoja has covered the announcement of Hoyos as a contestant, which promises great discussions with the father of his daughter. The spectators of Survivors safe who will be able to see Miriam Saavedra in the galas and in the debates of the program as a third part of the complicated trio.

Six confirmed so far

The Peruvian becomes the sixth contestant of the Telecinco program after those of Colate Vallejo-Nareja, Omar Montes, Dakota Tárraga, Isabel Pantoja and Carlos Lozano. The beaches of Honduras promise to be a real time bomb thanks to the very different profiles of those who will be its next inhabitants.

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