Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

'Survivors' and other times in which Isabel Pantoja has shaken Mediaset

‘Supervivientes’ y otras veces en las que Isabel Pantoja ha hecho temblar Mediaset

It may be one of the most shocking news of recent times. Isabel Pantoja, the tonadillera, is officially a contestant of
Survivors 2019
. An unusual decision to take into account for the numerous occasions in which he has discussed with Mediaset, place where their children and relatives usually go. But never her.

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The appearances of Pantoja in the group's leading network, Telecinco, have been told but very well-known. Probably the last was the call he made to GH Duo to talk with his son Kiko. In it he recognized that he saw him "24 hours a day" and that I was "proud" of him, he said, "since the day I gave birth to you"

However, this has been one of the many occasions in which the tonadillera has blown the audimeters. It was a few months ago when he also made a call to GH Dúo to talk with his daughter Chabelita. "I did not expect this from you, really", acknowledged Isa Pantoja when listening to her mother on the other side of the phone.

It was thus, via telephone, as the artist wanted to appear in the chain in most instants. All of them have been for defend your little ones in different realities of the chain in which they have competed, despite the fact that they have finally asked him about everything.

Probably one of the most talked about connections was the one she made in Sálvame in September of last year when her son Kiko Rivera had to enter on another line to calm her down. And is that she did not hesitate to talk about all the open fronts with characters from the chain. From Jorge Javier Vázquez to Chelo García Cortés.

But if a prime moment over the rest was the interview to three produced in 2011 when Kiko Rivera went to Survivors Upon his return his mother was waiting for him on set and the spotlights focused completely on her. This happened after a fierce war with the chain for the many occasions in which he had talked about his private life, but that's where his son prevailed.

This time it will be she who participates in the reality of Telecinco, a contest on which he already assured that he liked and in which he has decided to compete. All this, however, for a large sum of money that is added to a contract of Long duration worth Two millions of euros annual Although, yes, Telecinco is already making its name profitable. Will it strike the bell in Honduras?

Isabel Pantoja gives the Bells in Mediaset.

Isabel Pantoja gives the Bells in Mediaset.

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