Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

‘Survivors 2020’: Barbara Rey, possible signing

It seems that Barbara Rey is getting closer to going to
. If last year, the negotiations of the vedette with the producer were truncated in recent days due to the confirmation of Isabel Pantoja as contestant official, now there would be no longer negra black hand ’ and could become one of the signings star of reality.

In this way and for the first time in several years, the presenter would not stay at the gates of the most extreme survival format of Telecinco. And is that joining the group of robinsons who travel to Honduras in the coming months, would meet one of the professional challenges that have been most resisted on television.

Barbara Rey it is one of the eternal reserves of Survivors
His name has come out in recent editions but in the end, he never ended up being a participant. Remember that last year it was she who gave the sad news of her non-participation in the format with that “something I do want to tell you. I was going to Survivors, but I’m not going… ”

However, now as journalist Rocco Steinhäuser has advanced in Butterfly hunter, the Murcia would have signed a pre-contract for the edition of 2020 survivors
. And not only that, but “it would be one of the most expensive signings for this season,” he says.

'Saturday Deluxe': Barbara Rey confirms her night of love with Chelo García Cortés

‘Saturday Deluxe’: Barbara Rey confirms her night of love with Chelo García Cortés

Among the names that would accompany Barbara Rey in this new edition of reality from Honduras they are already shuffling. On the one hand,
Rocío Flores, daughter of Antonio David Flores and Rocío Carrasco
. The young woman who demonstrated her good television skills as an advocate for her father in GH VIP 7 I could play a lot on the island. On the other hand, there would also be Hugo Sierra, partner of the winner of Big Brother VIP 7 Adara Molinero, and who has become one of the most persecuted characters in recent weeks.

At the moment and after the information of Steinhäuser, Rey could be one of the first official contestants of 2020 survivors With a millionaire signing.

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