October 24, 2020

Survival to breast cancer exceeds 90% with an early diagnosis

He breast cancer it is the one with the highest incidence among women. It is estimated that in 2020 around 33,000 cases will be diagnosed in Spain. With an early diagnosis, survival exceeds 90%. For this reason, coinciding with the celebration this Monday of World Breast Cancer Day, it is essential to remember the importance of having routine check-ups and having effective treatments that not only treat the disease, but also offer a better quality of life to patients. Along these lines, at the GCCC 360 Center of Oncology Excellence, which has the 99 years of experience of Clínica Corachan and the more than 350 GenesisCare centers around the world, offers an approach to cancer through innovative treatments in both radiation oncology and medical oncology, and all this with a multidisciplinary team.

Current treatment is varied and complex. It depends on the precise type of breast cancer, the biological and molecular characteristics of the tumor, its degree of spread or stage of the disease (from I to IV) and the clinical characteristics of the patient, explains the doctor. Miguel Hernandez-Bronchud, GCCC medical oncologist, who also points out that it also influences whether it is a cancer of hereditary origin. “Although the causes of the cellular abnormalities that lead to developing breast cancer are unknown, yes it is known that between 5% and 10% of cases occur in people with a hereditary predisposition. They are usually under 40 years Y with one or more first-degree relatives with breast cancer, bilateral breast, ovaries or with a male first degree relative (some men also have breast cancer) or combinations of these pathologies. Hereditary breast cancer is sometimes associated with specific mutations such as BRCA gene. Of course, it must be clarified that Being a carrier of this genetic mutation does not necessarily mean that you end up developing breast cancer, but it does require specialized preventive monitoring“.

Five sessions, without tattoos and reducing the risk to the heart

The GCCC center has three leading radiotherapy treatments for breast cancer such as DIBH, SGRT without tattoos and FAST breast.

The sustained deep inspiration (DIBH for its acronym in English) allows the breast to be radiated at the time it is furthest from the heart. The patient takes a deep breath and it is at that moment when radiation is given. It is especially indicated for the treatment of the left breast since it reduces the exposure of the heart to radiation and minimizes possible subsequent cardiac complications.

The SGRT (Surface Guided radiotherapy) without tattoos allows perform radiotherapy treatments, including breast cancer, no need to leave permanent marks on the patient’s body, which is a very positive advance for this from a psychological point of view. With sub-millimeter precision, this technique uses the external surface of the patient to ensure the correct application of the treatment. Tracking the patient’s movement allows the radiation beam to only fire when it is in the correct position and to stop if it moves. This is achieved thanks to the three cameras that monitor hundreds of points on the patient’s skin.

To these two techniques is added FAST breast, that is, breast cancer treatments with ultrashort schemes, that allows treatments in 5 sessions instead of the usual 15. It is indicated for tumors in initial stages and maintains the same results and effects as in the more extensive treatment.

The radiotherapy in many occasions it is not used in isolation but combined with surgery or oncology treatments Such as personalized or targeted treatments, molecular targets, hormonal therapy or chemotherapy, “this can be offered even before surgery to shrink the tumor and prevent metastasis,” explains Dr. Bronchud. In addition, he adds that “in the case of women with early breast cancers, there are different ‘genomic platforms’ that are different. molecular analysis that analyze the aggressiveness of each breast cancer once removed or biopsied, and recommend or advise against chemotherapy. In this way it is being possible to “sharpen the aim” and avoiding many unnecessary chemotherapies.

To the treatments are added the complementary services offered by the 360 ​​Center of Oncology Excellence to support and help patients and their families during the disease such as psycho-oncological support, oncoesthetics or physiotherapy, among others. In this way, a total approach to the disease is achieved, a 360 approach to breast cancer.

GenesisCare is an international leader in cancer treatments with more than 70 centers around the world: 32 in Australia, 4 under development in China, 15 in the United Kingdom and 21 in Spain, where it has 30 years of experience and the most complete technological and human assistance.

The purpose as a GenesisCare company is design the best healthcare (Designing better care), through values ​​such as empathy, innovation, collaboration and determination to achieve the best possible treatment for their patients, which are the center of all the work that is done. With the commitment to medical excellence, teamwork and fluent communication, covering both human and structural and technological aspects.

This is evidenced, among other indicators, by the numerous awards and recognitions received in the sector: Recognition EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Committed to Excellence; ISO 9001: 2015 DNV-GL certification; QH IDIS Healthcare Quality Accreditation; C&B Data Protection Accreditation; Customer Confidence Award; C&B Recognition of Healthcare Quality and Humanization.

The Corachan Clinic, for its part, is one of the most prestigious private clinics in Catalonia, which combines experience and modernity, which guarantees maximum healthcare excellence and personalized treatment. Founded on May 19, 1921 in its current location by Dr. Manuel Corachan, an eminent surgeon and prolific teacher, the institution focuses its efforts on attending and satisfying all the needs of its patients, offering high-quality, close and humane care.

Currently, the health complex occupies a total area of ​​42,000 m (2) in which more than 1,200 professionals and collaborators work directly or indirectly. Within the framework of its commitment to quality, avant-garde and excellence, In 2019, Clínica Corachan was awarded the IASIST Top 20 award for the best private clinic, in the category of Global Hospital Management in Spain. In the 2009, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions, she was distinguished with this award. Clínica Corachan, with this recognition, consolidates its position of excellence in this ranking, proving to be one of the most efficient and best valued centers in the country. At the same time, was the first hospital in Spain to obtain the “Confianza” accreditation in patient safety.


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