May 15, 2021

SURVEY | Has your day to day changed for the coronavirus? – The province

Since the first case of coronavirus in Spain was detected on January 31, the number of infections are already more than 1,200 and the virus has already claimed the lives of 28 people. The closure of all educational centers in Vitoria or the isolation measures applied to the group of residents of the Rioja town of Haro who attended the funeral of Vitoria considered the first major focus of coronavirus infection in Spain, they are two of the most media and forceful consequences to alleviate the disease caused by this new virus, the so-called COVID-19.

Still far from extraordinary measures that Italy is applying, Spanish citizenship closely follows the news about this epidemic which, unfortunately, directly or indirectly affects many people. Therefore, from this newspaper we would like to know if the new coronavirus is changing your daily habits, as well as if you want to tell us how. At the end of this week we will publish the result of the survey based on the answers given by all the readers of the newspapers of Prensa Ibérica.


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