Surveillance cameras, keys to arrest the rapist of Igualada

Surveillance cameras, keys to arrest the rapist of Igualada

The Mossos d'Esquadra guard the alleged perpetrator of the brutal sexual assault on a minor in Igualada. / EFE

The alleged sexual aggressor left the victim, a minor, on the verge of death in a polygon

The security cameras of several companies and shops in the estate where the alleged rapist from Igualada committed the crime that almost ended the life of the victim were decisive for his arrest. The images capture the alleged aggressor and the victim before and after the brutal sexual assault, in which the young defendant used a metal bar. According to the judge's account of the events, on November 1, 2021, the suspect followed the 16-year-old minor and attacked her by surprise, "with the intention of satisfying her libidinous spirit." The rape and attempted murder lasted about 20 minutes, according to the court order. He attacked her "brutally", "dealing strong blows to her head and sexually assaulting her, with successive anal and vaginal penetrations through the introduction of bodily members or objects, using force and violence", as described by the judge of hell of 20 minutes that the young woman spent. The young woman was seriously injured. "If she had not been assisted quickly and promptly, the result would have been none other than her death," says the judge. Consequently, he is charged with felony attempted murder and sexual assault. “We must consider that there is sufficient evidence of the alleged commission of the possible crime of attempted murder and sexual assault,” he says in the order issued last Saturday to order his entry into provisional prison.

According to the investigation carried out by the Mossos with the cameras, on November 1, 2021, at dawn, the investigated was captured by the cameras. He was in a street, where the minor, 16 years old, was also. After the attack, around 6:40, the suspect leaves the street, leaving the minor lying on the ground, stealing the coat she was wearing that night, her dress and her panties. The minor was abandoned on the ground, unconscious, naked, in a cold, inhospitable place, with hardly any traffic of people and with significant injuries. The starting point of the chain of evidence is the location of the person under investigation that night, through the security cameras, in an area near the nightclub. What he found on the defendant's track was a complaint about damage caused to a vehicle, in which a group of young people were involved and through the investigations carried out, the suspect was identified. From that moment on, his journey is built based on the images captured by the security cameras and the connection of his phone to the antennas. These indications derived from the surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the scene of the events coincide (in terms of the route that the victim and alleged aggressor reflect) with the report of the mobile phone connections of both, indicates the order, which concludes that the indications are solid and respond to the canons of logic and coherence.

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