Surprise and malaise in the PP of Madrid for the last appointments, some with pending cases with the justice

The latest appointments approved on Monday in the Executive Committee of the PP in Madrid have caused surprise and discomfort in some leaders and members of the formation, who do not understand how it has been decided to count now, that the party grease the machinery for the upcoming municipal elections and autonomic, with some people who have pending cases with justice.

Different popular sources consulted by Europa Press have explained that some of the people who were appointed yesterday to start organizing the elections are not considered the most "suitable" for it given that in one way or another they have been 'splashed' by plots that They have affected the PP in the past, such as the Punic.

This is the case of the new chairman of the Electoral Committee, David Erect, who has had to testify in the courts for this case and recently, a former manager of one of the companies in the plot, Waiter Music, named him in his court statement on paper who could have as first deputy mayor in Algete with some alleged expenses of the communion of the daughter of the former mayor of this municipality Immaculate Juarez.

What they have always defended from the PP, and so they have reminded Europa Press is that Erect is not investigated in the plot. In fact, he has continued to work for the party - now in the cabinet of the PP spokesman at the Madrid City Hall, José Luis Martínez Almeida - and he was very close, but as a "friend", helping in the campaign that raised Pablo Married to the presidency of the party.

Apart from this question, other sources consulted include him in that round "al aguirrismo", which "far from the image of regeneration" that we want to give the Popular Party of Madrid, after the "touched" that has been left with frames as the Gürtel, the own Punic or the Lezo. Angel Carromero, named Secretary of Relationship with the Municipal Group and closely related to the stage of Aguirre, was also included in this group - it was the number two of Casado in his New Generations era.


In the same direction, they have shown their surprise that three "popular" Pozuelo de Alarcón have been included in the team, who, for the time being, maintain their condition of being investigated in the case of the Húmera water purification plant, where the judge investigates a environmental crime after the complaint filed by a neighbor before alleged bad smells and discharges.

One is the own mayoress of the locality, Susana Pérez-Quislant, that has been named vocal of the Council of Mayors of the PP; Councilman Pablo Gil, who will lead the Local Policy Action secretariat; or the exiled Yolanda Estrada, who will be responsible for the coordination of the Democratic Regeneration Forum.

In the case of Estrada, they have also been surprised by the fact that the party did not communicate this appointment to the media yesterday when it was done with the other positions, a movement that, other sources consulted, attributed to the Secretary General himself of the PP of Madrid, Juan Carlos Vera, and partner of the exconcejal, with the intention of making the "least possible noise", the same sources point out.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Angel Garrido, who is part of the Executive Committee, admitted on Tuesday at a press conference, although far from wanting to raise controversy, as they have qualified afterwards from his team, that he had chosen "other names" for the new Executive Committee of the PP of Madrid.

"I would have put other names surely," said Garrido, adding that each one has to choose what is best and that, anyway, if he has any difference will always transfer to the internal organs of the party.

The same consulted sources have also expressed their perplexity with the fact that at the time of reinforcing this body no councilor of the Government of the Community of Madrid has been included, taking into account that they manage and govern in one of the most powerful communities, or more councilors of the PP in the Consistory of the capital - so that is Inmaculada Sanz to preside over the new Forum of Mobility -.


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