Surplus in the wardrobe of UD Las Palmas

Surplus in the wardrobe of UD Las Palmas

Pinchi, in preseason against Cádiz. / c7

Ramírez made it clear that between 10 and 11 players will leave the team this summer, some did not even have minutes for García Pimienta

Kevin Fontecha

KEVIN FONTECHA The Gran Canarian palms

García Pimienta, coach of UD Las Palmas, drew a quick starting eleven since he took over the reins of the yellow team. Some regular footballers always entered from the bench and there was
few chances for some other players who exchanged the stands with the bank. Now, those who barely smelled it are on the casualty list managed by sports director Luis Helguera.

President Miguel Ángel Ramírez already warned in the press room that there would be about ten or eleven casualties in the squad. He also brought forward the renewals of Eric Curbelo, Fabio, Moleiro, Sergi Cardona and Coco. He did not manifest himself about others who
they end their contract at the end of the month, like Mujica, Hernani, Jesé, Rober or Armando Sadiku. All, except the Albanian, point to a farewell to Las Palmas.

They understand in the offices of Gran Canaria that maintaining the base that catapulted UD towards promotion
(“85% of regulars will stay”) and improving what did not quite convince García Pimienta, he will be able to compete again for the return to the First Division next season. But to improve you have to incorporate talent and to sign you have to make room too.

In Helguera's notebook, which has names listed to reinforce each of the lines of the island group, also has surnames marked in red that do not have space on the yellow campus. Thus, men with a valid contract such as
Ale Díez, Ferigra, Unai Veiga and Pinchi are on the starting ramp. Some do not want to leave and it will be a complex negotiation. Others want to feel important and value assignments.

Ale Díez never competed with Álvaro Lemos the position on the right side and David Vicente will rise from the subsidiary as Ramírez advanced. Ferigra did not play a single minute since Pimienta took over the team. Unai Veiga, more of the same, although this did not enter through Mel's eyes either.
left details when Pepe gave him the opportunity, he had no chance to conquer the Catalan coach later.

Furthermore, like every summer market, the name of
Maikel Tableone of the captains of the Sports Union,
comes back to the fore, but the man from Tenerife still has a contractual relationship with Las Palmas and wants to continue wearing the color yellow on his shirt. They also have ballots to continue out on loan Clau Mendes and goalkeeper Álex Domínguez.

Among those possible ten casualties is also
Jesse Rodriguezto whom the fans do not forgive his statements after falling into the
semifinal of the promotion against Tenerife Y
publicly criticize Pepper. Ramírez points to the coach himself and the sports director as the judges of the final decision on the striker, but the reality is that not even Jesé himself, to this day, wants to continue at UD.

It's coming
a hectic summer in the offices of Gran Canaria. There will be movements and many hours of trading. It's time to improve what already exists.

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