Surf surfer Mariana Rocha in an attempt to violate - La Provincia

Surf surfer Mariana Rocha in an attempt to violate - La Provincia

The Portuguese surfer Mariana Rocha was stabbed last Friday night in a attempted rape. The 21-year-old athlete was walking back home between the beaches of Poza and Azarujinha, in the Estoril area, when a stranger aggressively approached her and he tried to assault her sexually. The woman tried to get away from the man and kicked him in the testicles. However, the young woman could not defend herself from a stab wound in the abdomen, as reported in the Newspaper.

The athlete was transferred to a hospital, where it was attended. From there, he posted a first publication on his Facebook, telling what he lived. The athlete, ninth in the female Portuguese ranking, was aware of the fate she had and embodied all the impotence and pain that made the aggressor suffer.

"I was going home alone at night, when a man tried to rape me. It did not. I was lucky to have the cold blood to knee him in the testicles. After he stabbed me in the belly "explained the young woman on her Facebook account. "Anger, frustration, pain, fear, I'm not even sure what I feel... Not only for knowing the luck I had, but for the fact that the son of a bitch is still out there, "he wrote.

In addition, Mariana Rocha remembered the people who, unlike them, did not have the luck to keep their lives. "I have a lot of respect for all women that they can not react as I did and are raped by these crazy people who are loose and should be in hell, "said the 188 of the world.

The Portuguese surfer will miss a competition she had in the coming days in Brazil: "Unfortunately, it seems that Brazil will have to wait for me. I will return to the water as soon as possible. "

Finally, the athlete made a new publication in order to thank all the support received: "Thanks for all the messages and the strong support of everyone, including people I do not know. I'm happy to inspire many women. My heart is full. Thank God I'm fine and I'm sure I'm going to come out of this even stronger. "


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