Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Surf in Pedralbes

Already in the final section of its seventh edition – which will come to an end next Monday, the 15th – the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival hired The Beach Boys, legendary Californian band that has written some of the most brilliant pages of modern music.

The repertoire released in the prodigious decade of pop music by these beach boys must be considered a world heritage, while the influence of their songbook exceeds all conceivable cotton tests.

With such a legacy in mind, it is no wonder that the programmers of the festival have returned to The Beach Boys just two years after the group performed in these same gardens. A total of 2,200 people, according to sources from the organization The vanguard, they were summoned last night at the new appearance of the musicians in the Catalan capital. They were mostly mature viewers, although it was not unusual to observe younger music lovers in the audience.

With the historical Mike Love Y Bruce Johnston (which was incorporated in 1965 to the band) in a central position, The Beach Boys appeared in the format of nonet, starting his concert with
Do it again
, and continuing with
Surfin 'safari
, precisely the theme that gave name to the album of debut of the band in 1962. The flowered shirts that some spectators wore were in clear tune with the content of the visuals that were projected on the screen located just behind the musicians: they were prints of a quite idealized California, with its palm trees and its postcard beaches, its boys and girls surfing, and its sunsets bathed in red. Kitsch, yes, but somehow appropriate in this case.

Mike Love and Bruce Johnston reviewed great hits like 'California sun' or the mythical 'Surfin' USA '

The distinctive vocal harmonies that characterize the repertoire of The Beach Boys marked the passage of the concert, which in its first third ended up among other compositions by
California sun
(original by Joe Jones), and by the always euphoric
Surfin 'U.S.A
., one of the great balls of the formation, lit in 1963.

The first surprise of the night came when Mike Love's daughter, Ambha, came on stage to perform
Kiss me baby
next to his father father. Another son of Love, Christian, was integrated into the band as a guitarist.

At about half a gala, there was a moment of remembrance for George Harrison. Mike Love played a song of his own authorship written in homage to the late ex-Beatle,
Pisces brothers
, as well as a version with new arrangements of Harrison's theme
Here comes the sun
. The concert of The Beach Boys in Pedralbes was a true party of hits, in which they offered great songs of their trajectory of the entity of
God only knows or Good vibrations
, among many. The route also went through the
Barbara Ann
of The Regents that those of California recorded in 1965, or the always splendid
Rock and roll music
, of the enormous Chuck Berry.

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