Surez stretches its mandate in the Interinsular – The Province

Surez stretches its mandate in the Interinsular - The Province

The face of the three decades. Antonio Suárez was proclaimed the new president of the Inter-insular Football Federation of Las Palmas (FIFLP) after the meeting of the electoral board. In this way, the executive renews his mandate and reaches 30 years in office – since 1989 and now extends its cycle to 2022-.

Suarez was the only candidacy proclaimed, in such a way that it will not be necessary to convene the general assembly, as detailed by the federal entity in an informative note. It takes possession immediately and it is clarified from the federal entity that there has been no objection to re-election.

According to the note, "there has been no challenge to the provisional proclamation of candidates" to the presidency of the FIFLP on November 22. "Therefore, and in accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of the Electoral Regulations of the Canarian Football Federation, the candidacy of Antonio Suárez is proclaimed with finality."

And from the FIFLP it is recalled that "against this resolution, an appeal may be lodged before the Canarian Board of Electoral Guarantees of Sport, in accordance with the provisions of articles 11.5 and 49 of the Regulations of the Canarian Football Federation." In addition, the universe of the ball still clings to the ballot box. Since the second phase of the process, on the 17th of December, the one of the Canarian Football Federation, set up by the inter-island of Las Palmas and Tenerife. On that day, the electoral board will be constituted with the election of the president, vice president and secretary, as well as the presentation of the provisional and elective censuses in the manner provided in the electoral regulations.

José Ramón Navarro, the opponent of Suárez's candidacy, and who was left without endorsements, confirms to this media that he has lodged an appeal. "The judicial resolution will be made public next week, frantic days are coming, this is not over, we have recourse because Mr. Antonio Suárez has not resigned during the electoral phase, you can not campaign without having left the office of president of the Inter-Island Federation. This process has no effect and we have taken judicial measures, there will be an opinion, which we interpret as a light of hope and justice, "he said.

Without support and vote by mail

To the circumstance of remaining without endorsements or endorsement of the electorate – referees, technicians and soccer players -, Navarro warns that the electoral process "is flawed". "We have no guarantees because we can not vote by mail, there are more than 700 votes in this format and it raises many doubts, the judges will have to speak," Suárez's rival points out.

In charge since 1989, the base and amateur football returns to give his confidence to Suarez. There are already three decades in the armchair. The regeneration that Navarro claimed remains stuck in the courts. On November 9, Suarez, in the presentation of Spain-Bosnia, bit the gap: "At the time we will give precise explanations, we will talk long and hard about so many things that are said to be uncertain".


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