April 14, 2021

Supreme Court approved extradition of exjuez detained in Spain for corruption

Supreme Court approved extradition of exjuez detained in Spain for corruption

The First Transitory Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Peru today declared the extradition request of the ex-judge César Hinostroza, detained in Spain after being denounced as the alleged ringleader of a corrupt mafia in the Peruvian judicial branch.

The request was made by the Supreme Court of Investigation Preparatory, which will have to send all documentation to the Ministry of Justice, through the Presidency of the Supreme Court, as reported by the Supreme Court on Twitter.

The extradition request from Hinostroza must be approved by the Council of Ministers before being sent to Spain for processing and execution.

Yesterday, the court heard the grounds of the Prosecutor's Office on the request for extradition and the defense arguments of the ex-judge, accused of leading a criminal organization within the Judiciary that included magistrates, lawyers and the support of businessmen.

The arguments of the Public Prosecutor's Office were supported by Supreme Public Prosecutor Bersabeth Revilla, while the anti-corruption attorney Amado Enco was appointed by the Government as responsible for the defense of the Peruvian State in the case.

Hinostroza's lawyer, Segundo Vitery, who took office after the resignation of William Castillo, said that his client "is having a political trial" and that he is accused of leading a criminal organization "under pressure" by the press, President Martin Vizcarra and the Prime Minister, César Villanueva.

In this regard, prosecutor Enco told reporters that the extradition treaties "say it is not necessary" that the crimes "have exactly the same name, but that the act attributed is considered an offense under Spanish criminal law."

"There is no reason to reject extradition, all budgets are met in our criminal law," he said.

Although he acknowledged that the extradition process can take at least a year, Enco highlighted the willingness of the judicial authorities of Spain to dictate the detention of Hinostroza before the accusations of the Peruvian Justice.

The exjuez has in Peru an order of 36 months of preventive prison, dictated by the Supreme Court of Investigation Preparatory in an investigation by illegal patronage, traffic of influences, incompatible negotiation and property to a criminal organization.

On October 18, the general director of Peruvian communities abroad and consular affairs, César Bustamante, traveled to Spain to set in motion cooperation mechanisms that would allow the ex-judge's return to the country.

Hinostroza, who arrived a day earlier in Madrid, left Peru on the border with Ecuador on Sunday, October 7, the day of regional and municipal elections, which led to the resignation of then Interior Minister Mauro Medina.

Hinostroza presided over the Second Transitory Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice and was the highest ranking judge of "Los collos blancos del puerto", the name of an extensive network of influence peddling, favors and prevarication.

The scandal broke out with the publication of a series of telephone recordings in which Hinostroza is heard negotiating perks and favors, as in a conversation where he offers absolution for the rapist of an 11-year-old girl.


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