Suppress the bulls or abandon them to their fate, that's the big question | Blog The bull, by the horns

Suppress the bulls or abandon them to their fate, that's the big question | Blog The bull, by the horns

The first to uncover the box of thunder was Vox, who expressed his commitment to bullfighting on the occasion of elections in Andalusia, and had the public support of Morante de la Puebla; then, the Minister of Ecological Transition, who, in a personal capacity, was inclined to ban hunting and bullfighting and created such a stir that it has gone from anonymity to stardom in record time. He was followed by Pablo Casado, president of the PP, who suffered a sudden and contagious bullfighting rash and pulled himself spontaneously in the pretentious search for an undeserved opportunity before the fans. The next to step on the sand was José Luis Ábalos, Minister of Development, who spoke one of those phrases that could be understood as a criticism to hunters and bullfighting: "We have a vision that does not have to coincide with that casposa, a Spain in the one that we all have to be bullfighters and hunters. " And the cortege has closed the Culture Minister, José Guirao, who has declared in the Congress of Deputies that the Government has no intention of banning bulls.

When no one expected it, when the spotlight fell on Padilla's farewell at the Monumental in Mexico and more than one patient and nocturnal aficionado was surprised once again before the unpresentable steers that are fought in the largest square in the world (for that reason Morante won another row in his recent and more than irregular career) … When the bullfighting was in a state of lethargy, as every winter, with no other concern than to repeat in a few months the same mistakes already committed … When you could only hear the almost always lamentable bullfighting echoes that come from America, the bull goes and stands as one of the protagonists of the country's political circle.

Vox, Morante, Casado, Ribera, Ábalos, Guirao … Social networks smoke among the supporters and detractors of bulls and hunting; and the bullfighters keep, again, a shameful silence.

And that? Does the benefit of bullfighting is controversial?

The controversy distills a bitter taste of disdain towards the bullfight

A few days ago, the director of a bullfighting radio program in Seville wondered on the air whether it would be possible to expand his audience to non-amateur listeners, and he himself regretted the difficulty of the project.

At the same time, a prestigious representative of Spanish culture, wise and demanding amateur for family reasons and personal conviction, showed in a private conversation his distaste and desperate disappointment at the course of modern bullfighting.

And a reputed president of a well-known union of subscribers congratulates Christmas by telephone, and when talking about the new year he reveals some furtive tears about the future of the party.

Poster of the run of the Culture, celebrated in the Sales in 2017.
Poster of the run of the Culture, celebrated in the Sales in 2017.

The controversy between politicians is not a balm for bullfighting because between one and the other they cook a cocktail in which the most outstanding flavor is a bitter disdain towards the bulls; they do not distil, at least, any kind of affection. In other words: all give the impression that they would feel more comfortable if the bullfighting show became a page in the history of Spain.

Meanwhile, the director of the Sevillian radio program does not know what to do to attract new listeners, the educated amateur does not find reasons to return the illusion, and the subscriber senses that the Magi will not come full of emotion.

That is to say, that while politicians argue and networks are lit, the party loses its life amid general neglect.

The Government will not prohibit the bulls, but it has abandoned them.

The Minister of Culture says that the Government will not prohibit the celebration of the bulls, and what should be a reason for satisfaction contains a reasonable doubt: would any government be able to consider banning the bullfighting spectacle?

For now, it is worrisome and revealing that the press release from the ministry that reports the minister's statements in the Congress of Deputies includes a paragraph that explains exactly what Culture should do and not do for the world of bullfighting. It says: "Law 18/2013 instructs public authorities, specifically this Ministry," to guarantee the conservation and promotion of bullfighting as cultural heritage of all Spaniards, as well as to protect the right of everyone to their knowledge, access and free exercise in its different manifestations ".

No. The ministry does not promote bullfighting (the II International Congress of Bullfighting is a drop in an ocean of forgetfulness) nor does it protect the right of everyone to the knowledge of the fiesta. Do not.

The Government will not prohibit the bulls, but they have abandoned them to their fate; he respects them, but he does not want them; it will not end with them, but it allows the fans to flee the squares at an unusual speed.

If the political indifference joins the indolence of the bullfighting sector, the circle of the worrying reality of this cultural heritage is closed. Neither the bullfighters, nor the businessmen, nor the farmers … Nobody promotes a council that analyzes the situation, discusses alternatives and proposals and presents solutions so that the party does not die in the face of general disaffection.

Perhaps, politicians are smarter than they seem and know that it is not necessary to prohibit …


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