May 10, 2021

Suppliers independently billed Cerca and Jesuman – La Provincia

Suppliers independently billed Cerca and Jesuman - La Provincia

The fourth day of the trial of the Jesuman case was carried out by the witnesses called by the defense. The companies JSP, Celgan and Café Ortega defended that the invoicing ofComercial Jesumanand Cerca's supermarkets were completely independent, although they were aware of the family relationship between the people in charge of Jesuman – the brothers José Manuel, José Ignacio and Juan Jesús Hernández Pérez – and the manager of Cerca,Iván Hernández Perera. This was not the case of Kalise Menorquina, whose legal representative assured that the company manufactured a white label for Cerca, under a contract in whichJesumanHe was listed as the owner of the supermarkets.

The legal representative of JSP stated that her company sold goods to Cerca through the company Alimentcanarias, which was established in 2000 by José Manuel -owner of 99% of the shares- and her sonIvan-who had 1% of the shares and was designated as sole administrator-. In that sense, the spokesman of Café Ortega testified that it was difficult to remember the name of the companies with which they billed Cerca supermarkets, "because they changed society every two times." What he did assert before the court was that they had billed the Gran Canarian chain through TP Novofinaciera – a company linked to Jesuman and whose administrator is Iván Hernández – and that it generated a debt that, although "was insignificant for the volume of business with which Café Ortega works ", they tried to charge in the offices that Cerca had in Mercalaspalmas but when they went to the facilities" they were no longer operative ".

For his part, the legal representative the dairy company Celgan pointed out to the businessmanIván Hernándezas head of the Cerca food chain and assured that he never knew that Cerca had anything to do with Comercial Jesuman.

On the other hand, the spokesperson for Kalise Menorquina was convinced that they were working directly for Comercial Jesuman because, apart from appearing in the contract, it was he who paid the invoices for the white label products they manufactured for Cerca supermarkets. According to the legal representative, in 2003 Kalise Menorquina had the first contact with Iván Hernández, who was introduced by Elías Mendoza, responsible for purchases of Jesuman, so until 2007 they were convinced that they worked for the Tenerife company. Even when Iván Hernández began to operate with TP Novofinanciera "we did not suspect that it was another company, although it was an additional contract to that of Jesuman," the spokesperson for Kalise Menorquina said in his statement.

The last to declare was José Miguel Sánchez González, former director of CajaSiete in Tenerife, who confirmed before the court that Iván Hernández was a client of one of the bank's branches in La Laguna. "She was an enterprising person and between 1998 and 2010 she presented us with interesting projects, all apart from food," said Sánchez, among those initiatives were Tito Importaciones, Magna Computer and Recicaucho. These three projects were backed by the financial institution, but "ended in bankruptcy", causing adebt3.6 million euros.

To settle part of this debit, CajaSiete was awarded two commercial vessels, one in Las Chafiras and the other in Mayorazgo, owned by one of Iván Hernández's companies. In addition, there was a farm in Fuerteventura that could not be included as payment because "it was not owned by Iván, although we thought it was because of what he had said," Sánchez explained. Who added that the main defendant of the Jesuman case also proposed large-scale real estate transactions in the Toledo and Madrid area, but "we do not have the right dimension for what he wanted to raise," he concluded.


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