May 27, 2020

Supertiphon Hagibis forces the Rugby World Cup to cancel matches for the first time | sports

Rugby governance has no response to Typhoon Hagibis and announced on Thursday the suspension of France-England and Italy-New Zealand, the first time he cancels a World Cup match. Adverse meteorology in Japan was on the table since the organization of the tournament was awarded to a country located in a particularly unstable area. As much as its leaders assured last year that it was a priority issue in the preparations, there will be no headquarters alternatives and the only answer for fans will be to return the money from the tickets. The duel was not essential, a priori, for the four teams injured, which will add a tie to zero, but for Scotland and Japan, the most anticipated clash of the group stage. World Rugby will wait for Sunday morning to decide whether to play or not. Scotland, which needs victory, is that trill.

"The decision has not been taken lightly and prioritizes the safety of players, fans and volunteers," said tournament director Ala Gilpin, who endorsed the bid to organize a tournament in Japan without any macula. "We always knew there were risks, but it is rare that there is a typhoon of this size at this time of year." Its magnitude is three times greater than the one that caused the death of three people in the Tokyo area last month, where it is expected to impact virulence on Saturday.

New Zealand and Italy were supposed to play on Saturday in Toyoya. The statistic gave the Italians hope to enter the quarters if they beat the New Zealanders. It has never happened and they fell 3-66 in November. All in all, it was a dream farewell to the heel Leonardo Ghiraldini, who burst into tears upon receiving the news. The All blacks, the only team that had won all the matches of the group stage in the history of the tournament, thus adding its first draw (0-0). The decision eliminates Italy in the offices and Gilpin compares it to what could happen on Sunday. Scotland needs a victory without the Japanese adding bonus points for losing by seven points or less or, if they do, scoring them four trials, a feasible scenario. “Italy is in the same situation. We will not treat the game, if it cannot be played, differently. ”

Qualifying in the offices would dazzle the host's milestone and Scotland asks that its fate be decided on the lawn. "Scottish Rugby (the national federation) expects contingency plans to be put in place to allow Scotland to take its place in the quarterfinals and will be flexible to accommodate them," said a federal spokesman before the press conference. The match would take place in Yokohama, a stadium with 72,000 spectators that will host most of the qualifiers and the final. Yes, Australia-Georgia, and Ireland-Samoa on Saturday, a crucial duel for the Scots will be played this Friday. In fact, if Ireland's duel was suspended, the Clover XV He would be eliminated with a Scottish triumph.

Fans arriving at Shizuoka Stadium.

Fans arriving at Shizuoka Stadium. AP

Yokohama was also to host England-France this Saturday. With players touched like Billy Vunipola on the English side, both teams, already qualified for the quarterfinals, have accepted the decision without great fuss. England will lead group C, will face Australia in the quarterfinals and will be paired in the semifinals with the crossing of New Zealand. Frenchman Jefferson Poirot already said on Wednesday that he had no problem with a suspension that allows his team a probably more comfortable road: Wales in the quarterfinals and the crossing of South Africa in semis. The English coach, Eddie Jones, added: “We have had two relatively easy games (Tonga and USA), a tough one (Argentina) and now we have two weeks to prepare the quarterfinals. Maybe someone is smiling at us, the typhoon gods? ”

The tournament director says the risks are "too complex" to move teams and fans in a country with cutting-edge transport. In the previous days, the option of moving England-France to Oita, to the south of the country, and Scotland-Japan to Sapporo, to the north was raised. Both stadiums are retractable. The problem of the organizers is how to move the 140,000 spectators – most are already in Yokohama – to smaller stadiums. They were two of the most demanded parties in ticket sales and had justified long trips. World Rugby recommends that fans "be covered throughout Saturday and not try to travel during the day." Another option would be to delay the meeting of the hosts – the group phase ends on Sunday – but it would reduce the margin to prepare the next weekend for the quarterback.

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