Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Supersol raises an ERE for 400 people and close 21 stores after years of accumulated losses

Supersol raises an ERE for 400 people and close 21 stores after years of accumulated losses

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The responsible for the supermarket chain Supersol raises, after accumulating years of losses, the closing of 21 stores and the opening of an employment regulation file (ERE) with more than 400 people affected, according to union sources. A spokesperson for the company - owned by Lithuanian Maxima - has confirmed the start of a process to "clean up" the group after the losses harvested during the last few yearsHowever, it has declined to give concrete figures on dismissals or closures.

In this regard, he pointed out that the negotiation table at which the company and the unions will meet - when numbers will begin to be discussed - will start next Tuesday, April 9.

From CC.OO. they have informed that the first proposal of Supersol collects more than 400 dismissals and on the part of the CGT have assured that it foresees the closing of 21 establishments.

The supermarket chain has a workforce of more than 3,000 workers, according to union calculations, and the company speaks of a network of 195 stores located in the provinces of Almeria, Ávila, Cáceres, Cádiz, Ceuta, Granada, Guadalajara, Huelva , Madrid, Malaga, Melilla, Seville and Toledo.

Supersol belongs to the multinational Maxima since 2012, when it was acquired from the Andalusian Dinosol, and since then it has not had any benefits, according to a spokesperson for the chain.

These same sources have pointed out that the general director, the Lithuanian Vygintas Sapokas, who joined the firm less than six months ago, met yesterday in Malaga about 125 managers and managers to give details about the situation facing the company and its future plans.

In that meeting he transmitted the need to close a series of premises that register losses to be able to clean up the group, which will lead to layoffs.

In addition, he advocated adopting training plans for store personnel, modifying schedules, reviewing the assortment and deepening the transformation of their establishments, among other measures.


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