August 1, 2021

Superpop Festival, nostalgia for those 90

Superpop Festival, nostalgia for those 90

The nostalgia is endless and a great business. It works because it brings us back to an impossible past and there are also as many as individuals. After having been exploited to the satiety a certain "revival" eighties, there was still fertile ground in another type of 80's and 90's, more commercial, without re-packaging. The Superpop Festival, which takes the name of another icon of those years in Spain, the emblematic magazine for teenagers, lands in Leganés with artists on the poster such as Snap, Kate Ryan, OKK, Nacho Campillo (Tam Tam Go), Dangerous Friendships, Vice versa and others.

The event, born under the slogan of offering a tour of pop music and commercial disc, also opens to the so-called eurodance, a specific product of those years. A soundtrack "remember" that will be constituted as a gala so that multiple artists can participate. Michael Sanchez, Montxo, and several resident DJs in Ibiza in those years are also included in the poster of an event presented by Paco Pil, one of the iconic DJs of the time and Tony Aguilar, radio announcer of those years.

"SuperPop Festival will offer a conceptual and chronological show making a tour that will delight the most nostalgic and will be a discovery for younger attendees," say the organizers, which puts on sale various types of tickets, ranging from 20 euros of the general entrance to the 40 of the VIP Platinum, which includes a drink and location in front of the stage. The VIP entrance with open bar has a price of 65 euros and the tables in private from 250 € (for a maximum of four people with a bottle included).


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