Supermarket opening hours on New Year's Eve: at what time do they close their doors - La Provincia

New Year's Eve is special for everyone. Also for the hundreds of thousands of workers in Spanish supermarkets who want to get home with enough time to be with theirs in the last hours of this 2019 that we are about to close. But it is also true that, although this dinner is less familiar than Christmas Eve, many cook at home and who else who least or forgets something or tends to leave everything for the last minute.That is why many desperately look for the supermarket schedule on December 31. Then we will tell you chain by chain.

MercadonaRoig's chain will open on New Year's Eve with its doors as normal. Of course only until half past seven in the afternoon. On January 1, like all supermarkets, it will remain closed. The Mercadona located in large shopping centers, yes, will open Sunday as stores.

Lidl and Aldi.The German chain and the Aldi will be open until seven in the morning. New Year's Day will also close its doors to give rest to its staff.

Carrefour, Alcampo. They are the ones that offer more hours to their customers. They will be open until eight in the afternoon.

HyperdinoThe stores will open from 08:00 to 20:00 this December 31, with the exception of the stores that are in Shopping Centers, whichwill open as indicated here.


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